Instant View

Instant View - Pavel T., Yuriy, Denis Kondarattsev, Nikolay Karasev, Alex Mattix, Анон Михалыч, Tonny Fridge, 三 陈, V

This page shows the winners of our First Template Competition. The gold prize of $10,000 for creating the most winning templates is split in two because we had a tie for the first place. The silver prize is $5,000. The bronze prize for the third place is $2,500.

In addition to these bonus prizes, each contestant gets $100 for each of their templates that finished at the top of the list for their domains. Everybody also gets $2 per accepted issue that they've discovered in templates of winners on other domains. This sum is deducted from the respective winner's prize.

These results are 100% transparent. Click on the numbers to see the full list of domains and issues and all the decisions taken by the Telegram admins. Please note that contestants had several weeks after the end of the contest to submit an appeal on the admins' decisions.