Instant View

Instant View
The First Template Competition is over. We will announce the next stage on our official channel on Telegram.

See the Summer 2017 results »

Templates are sets of instructions that allow Telegram servers to process articles from anywhere on the internet into uniform and lightweight Instant View pages to be displayed to users. We made an easy-to-use editor and came up with a list of primary targets. The only thing we're missing now is your input.

Our template competitions are a crowdsourcing effort on an massive scale – and with hefty rewards for those who will help us create templates and check them for issues. Everyone is welcome to join us in our quest to make the world's information more accessible to users everywhere!

View the Full Contest Rules »

Below is a list of target websites for the contest and the corresponding templates submitted so far. You are welcome to create your own templates or check existing ones for issues.

Target Domains