* The global barrage of crypto currency is over! The market has changed. Now the movement of the Crypto currency will not only be accompanied by increased volatility, but also accompanied by the absence of directed trends. Trends will shift to short timeframes, and only a few professional traders will be able to earn.

* Futures for CBOE and Globex added the opportunity to be in a short position to large institutional investors, and when the price moves up, actively sell contracts.

In 2017, the media was advertising ICO of various projects with a bang, now in publications about the ICO, more and more negatives that more than half of all ICOs have suffered a complete failure.

* For trading kriptovalyut the main change was that bitcoin and the company are gradually beginning to trade is difficult to predict, a new reality has come, where there is no glamor, but there is a place for painstaking analysis, mani management, diversification. In the new reality, it's impossible to just buy and sell more expensive, everything will determine the level of skill.

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