ign Exchange Student Juan

ign Exchange Student Juan

When our son went to Brazil as a foreign exchange student, Juan came to live with us. Juan was a few years older than our son, and he was very different. He was shy and didn't have an easy time adapting to our culture and the free spirit of the girls. When we ate dinner in the evening, Juan would often ask us questions and we tried to answer them as best we could.

One evening I saw him coming out of the restroom. I realized he was in pain, and I asked him what was wrong, but he didn't want to tell me. I insisted, however, and he told me he had a problem with his foreskin when he got an erection. It hurt when he tried to pull back the foreskin. Since my wife is a nurse, I promised I would have her check with her colleagues to see if there was anything that could be done to help him. I talked to my wife about his problem that evening.

A few days later, my wife talked to Juan herself. She had talked to a doctor who had suggested some exercises he could do by himself. Juan thanked her and went to his room to do the exercises.

I pretty much forgot all about it until about a week later. I had noticed my wife some evenings took longer than usual to come to bed, and when she finally came into the bedroom, she was very horny and we had great sex. One such evening I laid in bed waiting for her. I was tired, but I was also curious. I got up to find out what she was doing. At first, I couldn't find her, but then I heard voices from inside Juan's room. Instead of knocking on the door, I listened quietly instead.

"Please help me again," Juan said. "I can't do it myself."

"I can't", my wife replied. "I have shown you how to do it three times already".

"But maybe you can show me again?" he pleaded.

"This is the last time I will help you," she replied. "Take off your pants." Was my wife really going to help him do the exercises? I bent down and looked through the keyhole. I saw Juan pull down his pants and reveal a semi-erect and rather thick cock. My wife grabbed his cock with both hands and put some lotion on it. Seconds later he had a full erection.

My wife started beating him off slowly. She explained to him how he himself should do the exercises. She pulled back the foreskin a little further each time to stretch the foreskin. In the beginning, Juan was in pain, but the pleasure was also evident. He smiled hornily when my wife didn't look at him.

I was shaken. Juan's problem was probably serious, but what she was doing was way beyond what I had expected. She was probably 20 years older than him and she was my wife. I should have entered the room and interrupted them, but I was curious. How far would she go?

"It hurts too much", Juan said. "But if you show me your tits, maybe it will distract me and help me not to focus on the pain". I had to look through the keyhole again. Would my wife really show him her tits?

"You're pushing it," she replied, and pulled down her nightgown and revealed her tits. Her nipples were large and hard. She was obviously not unaffected by the situation. Only at that moment did I realize it. The other night's love affairs had begun in Juan's room. She had helped him do his exercises and had come to bed horny as hell.

My wife had gradually exposed the tip of his cock. Juan's pain was not as bad anymore, and he was really enjoying himself now. My wife could have stopped here and let him finish by himself, but she continued beating him off.

"You see. The exercises help, don't they?" she stated. Juan nodded and smiled.

"But it still hurts a bit," he said, smiling naughtily.

"You have to do these exercises at least three times a week. Even if it hurts. You will never get laid if you don't do them."

"I'm cumming," he suddenly said. As a reflex, my wife took his cock into her mouth and let him shoot his sperm down her throat. He held her head tight until he had finished. I hurried to our bedroom and waited for my wife to come back. My cock was so hard it almost hurt. It didn't take long before my wife entered the bedroom. She threw herself onto me and we fucked like rabbits for almost an hour. We had never fucked like that before.

Two days later, my wife was back in Juan's room again. At first, she categorically denied helping him, but when he wanted to know why she kept coming to his room, she told him she came because she wanted to make sure he did his exercises. If he couldn't do them himself, she would to them for him until he could manage himself. She pulled down her nightgown and revealed her tits. Juan stared at them and smiled cheekily. She took out his cock and started beating him off, and this time she started sucking his cock way before he came. Eventually, he came and she swallowed every drop of sperm he shot down her throat. That night we fucked like rabbits again.

A few weeks went by like this. She helped him 3 times a week while I looked through the keyhole. Most days he came in her mouth, but one night he persuaded her to let him cum on her tits. She took off her nightgown completely and revealed she only wore a tiny pair of panties. Juan came quite a lot, and she got a lot of semen on her tits. They were still sticky when I fucked her afterward.

One evening they went a bit further. My wife had sucked his cock and when he was ready to come, she took off her nightgown completely and revealed she was naked underneath. Juan looked at her naked body as he came all over her tits. She told him she didn't want any sperm on her panties. From that night on, she no longer wore panties when she visited him. I think my wife knew I knew about her trips to Juan's room. We never talked about it, but my stiff cock revealed me time and time again, I think. I didn't intend to complain because we had the best sex of our marriage.

Another evening my wife took off her nightgown as soon as she entered Juan's room. He noticed she had shaven her pussy completely bald. She laid down on the bed and invited Juan to examine her. She showed him the anatomy of the female sex and made him feel the insides of her pussy with his fingers. She was so wet his fingers easily slid into her. She guided his fingers and when he found her g-spot, she grabbed his head and made him lick her pussy until she came. While my wife was recovering from her orgasm Juan pulled her legs up and put his hard cock close to the entrance of her juicy pussy.

"No no", she moaned. Juan started rubbing his hard cock between her labia.

"It feels so good, but you can't fuck me," she moaned. "I'm not protected." I had been sterilized a few years ago when we decided we wouldn't have any more children. It was more convenient than condoms and birth control pills.

"You are so wet," Juan said as he rubbed his cock on her wet pussy. "You want me to put my dick inside you, don't you?"

"We can't do this, Juan", my wife replied while spreading her legs a little further apart.

"Why not?"

"I could get pregnant," she replied.

"We can use this," Juan said and showed her a condom. He took the condom and rolled it onto his hard cock. My wife stared at the cock covered by the black condom.

"I just want to feel you inside me for a moment. You can't fuck me for real," she said. Juan didn't reply. He took his cock and pushed the head inside her juicy pussy.

"Ahhh," my wife moaned, raising her head and seeing him sliding his cock into her pussy. Her eyes got bigger and bigger. Then she let out a deep sigh.

"It feels fucking fantastic", she moaned as Juan had pushed most of his cock into her. "Just stay there for a while". Juan, however, had other plans. He pulled his cock almost completely out of her again. My wife protested loudly, and then he pushed himself all the way back into her pussy again. He repeated this a few times until my wife finally gave in.

"Okay, you bastard. Fuck me," she said. Juan smiled and started fucking her. He fucked her fast and furiously, and because he was young and inexperienced, he soon filled the condom with his cum. That night, my wife was even wilder than the other nights. She came twice before I sprayed my semen all over her tits.

Unfortunately, my wife's wildness in bed subsided. She had taught Juan to last longer and had also made him a capable pussy licker. Almost every time he licked her she had an orgasm and afterward he fucking her and filled the condom with his sperm. When she came back to our bedroom I fucked her, but she was nowhere near as wild and horny anymore. She had already been satisfied.

One night Juan had forgotten to buy condoms. My wife would only suck him, but he persuaded her to let him fuck her anyway. He had been monitoring her cycle, and she was probably in her safe period, he told her. She wouldn't get pregnant if he fucked her bareback. That evening they fucked like lovers. She rode him while he sucked her nipples. He kissed her passionately, and she drilled her nails into his back as she had a huge orgasm. Juan came shortly thereafter, filling her pussy with his semen. That night, my wife wouldn't let me fuck her. She told me she was too tired, and she only wanted to give me a quick blowjob. I guess Juan's sperm was still leaking from her pussy into the white cotton panties she was wearing.

Afterward, they only used condoms when she was most fertile. Otherwise, he would fuck her bareback. I could tell when he had given her a creampie because she would be wearing the cotton panties and she wouldn't let me fuck her.

Maybe they got carried away one evening because my wife eventually got pregnant and had to come clean. We had a good talk about what had happened and I had to admit, I had known about her affair right from the beginning. I even told her I had enjoyed watching them fuck. I told her she could keep fucking Juan if I could fuck her afterward. I even got to watch them fuck a few times as her belly grew larger and larger.

Juan had to go back to Brazil before his lovely daughter was born. Our son returned home, and he was not at all pleased when he found out who the father of his newborn sister was. Our families were not pleased eighter, but everybody eventually accepted the situation. I hope they can accept another baby because my wife just booked a trip to visit Juan in Brazil.