ICO Review: Orbeum

ICO Review: Orbeum


Web: https://orbeum.io/

Telegram: @orbeum

Whitepaper: Read

Token: OBM (1 OBM = 0.01 USD with bonus up to 20%)

SoftCap: 1 Million USD

HardCap: 40 Million USD

Total Token Supply: 5.5 Billion OBM

Pre-Sale Date: 1 March


The upcoming platform “OrbStick” powered by Orbeum plans to be one of the biggest video sharing platforms over internet media which includes interaction with billions of users online. OrbStick is already developed and plans to launch soon after the successful sale of Orbeum. Orbeum shall be used in many ways inside Orbstick.

Project purpose is to become the largest and most trusted social network in the world and to be the tech giant on internet, have a wide spread on internet and excel in all fields of IT.

Annual growth of online video industry is near to 15-30%. At the same time traditional TV is stagnating and it percentage of total video content is constantly decreasing.

Orbstick, along with its Orbeums, hopes to create the best decentralized social network that associated with online market satisfying the demands of social media.

What features project Orbstick has to offer?

  • Premium Content for FREE all chats and video interactions, hosting and so on
  • Get Connected share video, receive comments and likes
  • Video Sharing/Hosting Platform video hosting service with video surfing
  • Personal stations liberty to create and share your own content
  • Mode of Communications go LIVE anywhere in the world and share things accordingly
  • Hosting Webinars with one simple link, share your screen and auto save replay after
  • Meetings and group conferences in real time
  • Screen Recording with one click
  • Superb Monetization the platform shall share up to 65% of the advertisement’s income with content creator
  • Marketing can promote your business to a wide range of customers world-wide

All the investors of ICO or token holders would be included in list of premium members. ICO investors will also receive FREE advertisement credits to spend it over the platform.

Orbeum is different from other ICOs. Their primary product is very near to completion and will be launching in a matter of couple of weeks after ICO instead of having to start working from scratch after ICO is completed. The development of their product started in December 2016. Some minor refinements overlaid across the development timeline will have the Orbstick/Orbeum project delivered on time.


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