Part 2. Why you should start now.

Part 2. Why you should start now.

ICO free Bounty

OK. So ICO is a way to raise funds through issuing "shares" of the company and the only difference is that those are not shares, but digital tokens, which later can be sold and hopefully for a good $$$.

Let's talk about bounty. Bounty is an allocated amount of tokens a company sets aside to give away in hopes to gain publicity. Here's an example - if you scroll up, you will find WCX bounty program, where they give you 50 tokens for registering your email and 50 more for every friend you bring. At ICO sale, the tokens can be purchased for 1$ per 10 tokens. So you get those shares for free, at the very least $5 worth for just registering your email - obviously the company hopes that you will tell all your friends about it, and some of them will consider to invest the money at the event.

Now you may think - why the hell should I bother for $5, and not even in dollars, but in some tokens? Bare with me on this one.

Do you remember when bitcoin hit $1000? Than it went up to $5000 recently, and currently is floating at about $3000?

 Let me share my story with you, the story which I'm not proud of, and I rarely talk about it.

I joined bitcoin three month after release. I downloaded a program, and started to "mine" bitcoins on my laptop.

In about four hours I had a little over 24 bitcoins. Than I shrugged my shoulders, thought to myself "-this is bullshit", and deleted the program.

I only remembered about it, when I few years later I read in the news, that bitcoin went up to $1000 a piece. If I had kept those useless bullshit coins, I would had access to extra $25000 - and I would definitely sell it at that moment, because "-no way on earth that crap can cost more than that". Now that's wouldn't make me rich, but hey... $25k is $25k.

What's the point of my story? Not to complain to you, how I missed out. But I have closed my eyes on a potential opportunity. Will you get rich from collecting those tokens? Don't think so.

However. Those tokens, which you can get for free, a year later can cost not $1 for 10, but $5 for one, and all it takes is to register and take advantage of the opportunity - with many of them.

in 2014, Ethereum sold coins through its ICO at a price ranging from $0.30 to $0.40 per token. The company released its final platform in July 2015. By that point, the price of each token had risen significantly – up to $350 at one point. If you bought or earned tokens during the Ethereum ICO, you would have earned a return of 87500%

Now this is obviously an exception from the rule, and I don't want you to expect you to get rich from some free tokens. However, this is an ideal step into the world of cryptocurrency, because by having those tokens you will gain momentum to learn about ICO'S and other things crypto.

The time is now. This year is the most exciting year for cryptocurrency, as more and more people find out about all the benefits of this new technology.

This year I'm doing multiple things online, and one of the things I do is seeking out those bounties. I'm not confident enough to invest my money in ICO'S just yet, and it's a pretty risky business. So I'm starting with trading the cryptocurrency market and also collecting some ICO tokens.

If you read this far, go ahead and secure yourself some tokens. You earned it already by reading all of this.

WCX Exchange Bounty

Aigang network smart insurance Bounty

I will follow through the whole process and let you know of the events ahead so don't worry yet, how will you cash out - I will write a guide on everything, one step at the time.

So long, my friends, I will talk to you soon!

Stay tuned!