ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is the purchase of tokens/cryptocurrency before its launch at the stock exchanges aimed to attract funds for the development and start of the project. Once the project is launched you can sell tokens/cryptocurrencies or store it as assets.

The ICO market started to develop actively with the appearance of cryptocurrencies, and it can be featured as something similar to IPO or Crowd-funding platforms. Before the appearance of the cryptocurrency at the stock exchange, we can buy tokens or shares of the company. In case of the successful launch and high rankings of the company, the tokens will become more expensive, however in case of failure our assets will lose their value.

This activity involves high risks but on the other hand, the price of tokens can increase in hundreds or even thousands times.

It is not difficult to define the high-quality ICO if using the proper analyses. Here are several tips and recommendations from me.

-How should the ICO look like and what you should pay your attention to?

-         Team of professionals specialized in the topic of the presented project

-         Market demand on the good/service of the project. Is this topic promising/useful for the society and what problems does it solve?

-         Well written plan and WhitePaper, detailed step-by-step description of the work process, budget plan with the financial reporting.

-         Openness for dialogue and activity of the team, social support and feedback

-         Limited number of tokens on the Crowdsale, independent Escrow representative, Bounty campaign.

-         High ratings and website traffic, experts’ assessments.

-         Proper marketing and strong advertising campaign.

Websites for ICO monitoring:

It’s necessary to take into account that all monitoring assessments are subjective and informative. They can not guarantee successfulness or honesty of the project, and usually pursue commercial motivation.