iPhone Screenshot Template: 5 Elements Of A Good Shot

iPhone Screenshot Template: 5 Elements Of A Good Shot

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What makes a good app screenshot? There are five elements that you have to consider. These components should be present on your iPhone screenshot template.

There are some people who love browsing through Google Play or App Store. It’s really a fun way to window-shop. It’s actually better than window-shopping because when eventually the window part is erased, with mobile apps, one can’t just buy everything they want. Why not? For obvious reasons: mobile devices have storage limits. 

You know what this means? That you need to really up the ante when creating your mobile app screenshots. You need an effective iPhone screenshot template for this. The template can serve as an effective tool to be used to achieve the set goals and objectives. You hired an app designer and developer because you want your brand to be recognized by the smartphone and/or smart device users. They are great as a potential market. So, tapping them is good for your business to achieve success.

What is an iPhone screenshot template?

This is a tool that will make the creation of screenshots for App Store or Google Play easier for you. It’s easier because there is a template on hand. All you have to do is insert your app screenshot design on the slot intended for it on the template. Easy enough? Yes. That’s the easiest part. The hardest part is the actual creation of the screenshot. 

You might think that it would be easy since it’s a screenshot. This means that you just have to capture parts of the mobile app during play. The thing is, the app screenshot is a marketing tool. It has to be well thought out. That should also be part of the creation of the mobile app. It should be designed well that taking a screenshot would be a joy. No matter what screengrab you have, you know that it is designed well. 

That’s not all! Just because it’s a screenshot doesn’t mean you can’t be creative about it. Here are the most important things when creating your app screenshot via iPhone screenshot template:

1. Eye-catching

This is self-explanatory and extremely important. A screenshot is still. At least three of this should be enough to sell your digital product. Let’s elaborate. You can have eight to 10 screenshots on Google Play and the App Store. But only three will actually be seen at first glance. Remember earlier that we mentioned about window-shopping? There are 1.85 million apps on the App Store and more than two million on Google Play. You have to compete with these apps, which is why you need eye-catching screenshots so that the window-shopper doesn’t just pass by your mobile app. 

What is an eye-catching screenshot? Photos! This is always very important. Capture beautiful images from your mobile app and use that prominently in your page on either the App Store and the Google Play store. If you are planning on maximizing the benefit and actually putting up 10 screenshots, make sure that the first three are the most powerful of them all. 

What is a powerful screenshot? Something that tells people to buy your product with subtlety. Facebook, for example, is quite subtle. The goal is for people to connect with each other. The screenshot is literally a shot of a page on Facebook. You have the stories of different people on top and the post at the bottom. You see, Facebook is the most popular app in the world. So they can get away with just showing the actual screenshot considering that most people already understand how it works. 

For MeWe, another social media site, the first “screenshot” is a YouTube video. The video talks about connection and being uncensored. It sets itself apart from Facebook because it aims never to be “manipulated.” This is an obvious dig at the popular social media site that has been a common source of fake news.

The video is followed by actual screenshots of how the MeWe pages look like. It also shows pages on dark mode since it’s very popular on social media. In both Facebook and MeWe, images were very important. They show images of friends or families. Those are important in their messaging. 

This leads us to the next element:

2. Clear messaging

Both Facebook and MeWe tell you that their sites are about connectivity. There are just subtle differences with MeWe telling its prospective users that they will not be manipulated and that everyone has the freedom to be creative. Have you heard of Twitch? A lot of celebrities are playing games while on Twitch. But what is it? When you check out the app on either Google Play or App Store, you get your answer through the screenshots: Never miss a moment. 

That’s quite clear, right? With Twitch, you don’t miss anything. Because everything it’s a livestreaming site. Another screenshot will tell you: “From games to music and beyond, the stuff you love is always live.” This is where you will find a lot of celebrities playing online games. But we digress. The point is, you know that you have an effective iPhone screenshot template when people will immediately understand what your mobile app is through the screenshots. 

If you just see actual screenshots, chances are people will be confused about what's going on. 

3. On trend

When you create a mobile app, you seek to be different—as you should! But you also have to make sure that your app is for today. It also follows that your screenshot is not outdated. A lot of people download apps because they want it. There are also some who download because they think it was expected of them. Then make your app something that they will think is expected of them through your screenshots. 

4. Consistency

Your screenshots have to be consistent. There are many components to consistency. In the case of Twitch, the consistency is glaring. All screenshots are predominantly purple. When you look at the screenshots of the game Stretch Guy, you will no doubt see the consistency among them. It’s not just because they were mostly blue but because they show the guy stretching in different ways even with different facial expressions. 

Consistency doesn’t have to be blatant. Others are subtle in its consistency and that’s fine. There is no grade for consistency. The term really is in the eyes of the beholder. But for the beholder to get it, the designer has to make everything cohesive. 

5. Neat

You don’t want your screenshots to have a lot of clutter. It would easily distract the people from the message. When there are too many things going on in your screenshots, chances are people will have a hard time knowing which way to focus. That’s not a good thing. Remember that you want people to get the message: download your app! But definitely not in those words. 

If your screenshots are messy, maybe people will get a different message. That is why you have to make sure that the app store screenshots are clean and neat. Otherwise, you may fail to attain your goal. This is a rule of thumb which you really have to abide by.

Choosing a legitimate provider of world-class app store screenshots is recommended. You can try either TMDesign or Ramotion today!

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