iOS Developer

iOS Developer

Anastasia, Recruiter @Tapcore

Required skills:

* 3+ years of iOS Development

* Strong Objective-C skills

* Good knowledge of iOS architecture (ability to sustain old versions of OS)

* Knowledge of iOS SDK, XCode, Instruments (exploring leaks, not optimized parts of code)

* Experience with base frameworks (Foundation, UIKit, CoreAnimation, CoreGraphics, AVFoundation, AVKit, MediaPlayer, WebKit)

* Experience with CoreData, sqlite

* Experience with networking on iOS (at least NSURLSession, AFNetworking, REST)

* Understanding of multi threading on iOS, GCD

* Knowledge of base RPC methods on iOS/Unix

* General understanding of iOS build system, architectures, fat binaries, bundles, code signing

* Ability to build UI in both IB and code

* C/C++ knowledge is a huge plus

* Swift knowledge is a plus

* Experience in reverse engineering is a plus

* Pre-Intermediate English level. Ability to chat with team, write technical documents

* Passion to research, study and make new and unusual products

* At least one app in the AppStore


* Utility and SDK development

* Building multi-bundled libraries

* Building client-server interactions

* Analysis of hidden OS features and 3rd party tools

* Write code which is resistible to reverse engineering

* Refactoring and code optimizations

* Code adaptation for different versions of OS and environment

What we offer:

* Remore fulltime job

* Salary paid in $

* Free English classes

* Laptop

* Offline team meetings in Europe

* Sensible flexible working hours

* Participation at industry conferences and events, professional books

* Pizza days