How would our world be different without music?

How would our world be different without music?

“Without music, life would be a mistake” – Friedrich Nietzsche, true enough, every single one of us are not a singer or an instrument player or a composer or creator of music for that matter; but each and every one of us are a consumer to music. Can you imagine a day without music – your favorite show without its background music, no music on radio, T.V., no music while driving, no music at a religious or national service? It would be heart braking and very frustrating to not have music in life.

Effect of not having music in our life would be:

• Universal language

Music is like an international and universal language, it helps in integrating cultures and helps us to embrace other cultures. If there was no music we would lose the universal language and the world would be a far worse place with deteriorating relations.

• Emotion

Music helps us to express how we feel, It is a perfect gateway for people who cannot express their feelings openly. It would make those who live for music a lifeless body of mass, music calms us and helps us to focus and understand our feelings and emotions.

• Expression

Music is after all an expression of our feelings, without music we would have no love songs, or partners would not have “this is our song” moment, life would become very monotonous. 

• Weddings and rituals

Music is a great part of weddings and different religious rituals, if we did not have music then how would we have celebrated our festivals and danced with happiness at a wedding.

• Birthday 

How would we celebrate birthdays? No music, just a monotonous sound ringing through speaking “happy birthday to you”. That would be really devastating and sad for all of us.

• Imagination

Without music, our life would be very restricted and we would have lost the ability to imagine. Music is, after all the emissary of our feelings.

Music is that part of our life which- hones skill and gives the brain opportunity to explore and express our mental, physical, and emotional situations, leading to a better understanding of self and society as a whole.

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