How to learn to create opportunities in your life?

How to learn to create opportunities in your life?

Konstantin Money Shel

Opportunities are the presence of favorable conditions or circumstances for the implementation of something.

When you have the opportunity, you will receive a client, project, order, partnership or a new offer. But how to get these opportunities?

Opportunities come only from other people. Remember all your ups, they happened after when you started to communicate with new people. You were recommended, you got acquainted with a new person, after talking to whom something was beginning to happen.

Search and implementation of opportunities.

First of all, to gain opportunities, your task is to learn to get acquainted with new people. For many, this is a huge problem. Fears, clamps, beliefs, lead to the fact that the new in your life just does not appear. You communicate with the same people. You go to the same places. Everything you do on the machine. Accordingly, your results are very predictable.

What is important to know in order to receive opportunities?

How to get to know new people

What questions do you need to be able to ask to be an interesting interlocutor?

What to communicate with people above you

How to maintain communication after dating

Now I live in Siberia in Omsk and for 5 months I managed to get to know a huge number of people. Starting from students who want to open their coffee houses, to public figures, politicians and famous athletes. Thanks to such acquaintances, I open doors to new worlds. Log into the circle of people of a different mindset and order.

Being open, bold, able to manifest, see opportunities, communicate - requires your desire and effort

Your environment is divided into 3 types:

The one I was in the past

The one I am now

The one I want to become in the future

Very often, our environment is 90% of the first category. And it is very convenient for you to be with such. Because for your psyche, it's stupidly safe. No one will tell you the truth, because you are the coolest. You will tell everyone how to live, think, work, but at the same time are in full ass ...

To see the opportunities and be able to dispose of them, it is necessary to learn the technologies of communication

In the next posts, I'll discuss in more detail how easy it is to get new acquaintances at conferences and thereby create opportunities. In more detail, I will reveal how to approach a new person, what to communicate about, so that after a conversation with you they want to be friends, communicate and work.