How to claim BTH if you have Bitcoins?

How to claim BTH if you have Bitcoins?

Bytether is created by cross-forking bitcoin at block 494,784. Any person holding bitcoin at the time of the fork will have access to an equal amount of BTH. This tutorial will guide you how to claim your BTH.

1. What you need to prepare

  • A Bitcoin wallet: You do not need any BTC balance to verify a Bitcoin address; but you must have Bitcoin in this wallet at block 494,784 to claim Bytether.
  • An Ethereum wallet: BTH is ERC-20 token which is run and mined on Ethereum network. Any Ethereum wallet can be a valid BTH wallet. Therefore, you need to prepare an Ethereum wallet (e.g.: from MyEtherWallet) to keep your claimed BTH.
  • A small amount of Ether: the cross-fork is done via Ethereum smart contracts to make sure all transactions are public and verifiable. Hence, you need a small amount of Ether, less than 0.01 ether ~ 3 USD, in the Ethereum wallet to interact with our contracts.

2. Overview of the flow

Before going into the detailed instruction, we would like to introduce the overall flow, that can be divided into 2 parts:

Part 1: Verify the ownership of your bitcoin address.

You need to sign the message “” with your bitcoin address and register the ownership with one of our smart contracts to verify your ownership. You do not need any Bitcoin balance to sign. The instruction of how to sign your address can be found below. You are advised to do this part as soon as possible.

Part 2: Claim your BTH

After proving your ownership, you can claim BTH as soon as the block 494,784 has been mined. We will check the balance of your bitcoin address at block 494,784 and give you the same amount of BTH.

As we snapshot the bitcoin block chain at block 494,784, you can claim your BTH any time you want, just make sure you have bitcoin at that block. Please transfer your bitcoin from exchanges to your own wallet before block 494,784 is mined to get BTH.

Go to Bytether website and claim you BTH coins.