One of the most popular fast-food dishes is a hot dog. Probably everyone tried or at least seen a hot dog, so know that it represents. The easiest hot dog consists of cut in half oblong rolls, which lies between the halves of the sausage. But what else do you know about this at first view a simple dish? Hot dog history interesting enough. 

How did the hot dog? 

   Since the official patent or any other document, telling about the invention of hot dog, does not exist, it is difficult to specify the exact date of his birth. According to legend, in the early 20 century in United States street vendor sausages decided to sell their goods, placing it in the cut the bun, because buyers have complained that they are baked on hot sausages hands or spoil the gloves.    The popularity of hot sausages inside rolls erupted instantly. Particularly good novoizobretjonnye hot dogs sold at sports events, where they are popular to this day. 

   The name "hot dog" actually invented by cartoonist Tad Dorgan and he makes it, referring in one of his cartoons, since this dish is usually called "dachhund" ("fee"). 

   Since then, the name "hot dog" safely stuck for hotdogs in a bun, and now she is one of the most popular dishes in the United States.    Hot dogs have become part of the American lifestyle, so that the United States regularly arrange competitions among the fans of this dish. Every year on July 4 in New York at Coney Island is held an annual Contest for eating hotdogs, organized by Nathan's Diner ". 

  The winner is declared the party, the highest number of ate hotdogs for 12 minutes.     The largest hot dog in the world prepared chef Paraguay.   The length of hot dogs, cooked on a unique gas stove was 203 meters 80 centimeters and weight was around 260 kilos. Cooked giant hotdog 245 cooks. This fact was recorded and is listed in the Guinness Book of records. After successful cooking hotdog around two thousand people could try it for free. 

   Due to the high fat and sodium content, hot dogs-not the most healthy dish with regular use, especially if not exercising and not eat properly. But there are hotdogs made specifically for people sitting on the diet. In this hot Mastiff was at less salt. However, if you usually eat correctly and your health in good shape, no harm will happen if from time to time you pamper yourself hot hot-dog.