Short list of improvements brought with recent Telegram update (Telegram for Android):

  1. `Unsend message` was introduced little over a year ago and it got an improvement with this update: you can cancel sending messages before they are sent.
  2. Markdown improvement. Now hyperlinks are made the same way as at telegra.ph

3. Mark as unread. No, it doesn't summon disappearing checks on your conversation partner's side, it is sorta bookmarking by empty badge (and it's cross-device).

3. Now you don't need to delete the whole message to alter media or a caption:

4. 2X playback. Thanks to this improvement boring voice/video messages can be played 2 times faster.

5. Preview. Just make a long tap on a chat's profile picture while surfing your chat list and get the preview.


5. They say the Global Search got more convenient. Telegram saves scroll position while searching chats if you open any of them.

6. When share contact you can choose what data to share.

Here is supposed to be many fields on the screen