heritance Ch. 10

heritance Ch. 10

Chapter 10

10:47 Erik's phone read when he checked the time after throwing his rental into park. Two small semi trucks waited for him, their long bodies stretching across the front of the building, hiding the entrance.

Erik walked up to the cab of the first one, a white truck barely larger than his rental, and spoke to the Hispanic man smoking a cigarette and staring at his phone. "Hey partner, I'm ready when you are."

The man looked up and spoke with a thick accent, "Okay, I coming."

Erik walked to the next truck, a yellow cab over with a polished steel fuel tank and spiked lugnuts. The driver was an older, hardy looking woman with thick lines in her face and bright eyes. Her voice sounded sweet and gravely like she had smoked her whole life. "Are ya ready for me too?"

"Yeah, let's do it!"

He unlocked his front door and a half hour later several pallets of supplies were waiting to be put away. He tipped both drivers a hundred dollars for unloading his stuff and he set about unwrapping them. He made a mental note to himself to get Bob's number so that next time he could help put things away.

It took him over two hours to get all of the liquor and beer put away but when he was done, he felt sure he would be stocked for over a week.

Sitting down in one of the rolling chairs and looking at the empty, unlit stage, Erik began thinking about his next problem; renovation.

A knock sounded on his open door and Erik swiveled to find a shadow blocking the light. "Hello?" a soft African American voice called.

"Yeah, can I help you?" Erik stood, peering at the figure. It moved inwards and a moment later Erik was face to face with a tall, lean man with close cropped hair in a wave style, dark skin, and a polo shirt with stylized rips at the hems. Lean muscle rippled like waves across his arms and neck.

"Yeah, I saw the door open and your truck out there and I was hoping to talk to someone about a job." His voice made Erik think of the sound a blanket made when you pulled it up to your chin; soft and welcoming.

"Well, I am looking for some help. What skills do you have?"

The visitor shifted his weight to one leg. "Well, I've done mostly construction before I was in the military, then I was a grunt, know what I'm saying? Now, I'm basically ready to do anything and I enjoy being around women, especially topless ones."

Erik nodded, grinning himself. "I understand, it is a nice perk."

Someone else stepped through the open door unannounced. The first visitor twisted and Erik looked around him to find three large men strutting into the entranceway.

"Hello, can I help you?" Erik called out.

"Yeah," a male voice said with a thick Boston accent. The three figures were in the light so Erik couldn't make out individual features. "We heard the'waz a new guy on th'block."

"Yeah, that's me," Erik said.

The man took a few steps inside, resting his arm on the podium near the front door, his partners following. Shadows distorted his face, but Erik could see he was wearing a suit. "Is there somewhere we can talk business?" the Boston accented man asked.

"Not really, don't have much of an office."

"That's a shame. Why dontcha come by my awffice sometime then? We can tawlk business." He reached into his suit jacket and pulled out a card, then set it on the podium. Without a word the party of three left.

After a moment, Erik turned back to his African American visitor who stood with his shoulders slanted. "Can you do security? Throw out the bad apples and pitch in wherever needed?"

"Yeah man, I can do that. Whatever you need brother, I got your back."

"Alright, I'll pay you fifteen an hour, but I'm going to work you hard. You could be in the DJ booth one minute, fetching ice for the bartender the next. Sound good?"

"Solid as rocks my man, I can do that. My name is Allen. When should I start?"


That evening, Erik opened up with the full staff. His three new girls from the last open night came back. He set them up with Trixie to get comfortable.

Erik introduced Allen as the security personnel and everyone seemed to approve. A couple of customers trickled in but Erik expected a slow night since it was a weeknight. The new girls strutted out like a set of sirens in different string bikinis and entertained them. One took the stage and the other two sat next to them like they were old friends.

Bob approached a few minutes later. "Hey boss," his face twitched, one eye closing then it relaxed, "Did you get a chance to hire a real bartender?"

"I didn't Bob, but I'll put an ad out right now." Erik promised. Guilt grabbed his stomach and twisted it. He was supposed to have gotten so much more done.

Taking out his phone, Erik started researching where ads for bartenders were placed already, then how they were structured. After getting an idea for the format, and choosing a site, Erik posted the need for a bartender.

A whiff of perfume and a hand placed directly on his cock brought his attention away from his phone. Looking up, Rachel's nude breasts encompassed his vision, her body much taller than he remembered and her skin glistening with body glitter. He walked his eyes up her curves, noting the position of one hand behind her back. The one on him started stroking his jeans where she thought his cock might be. She spoke in tone he barely heard over the music, "Would Master allow me to give him a lap dance?"

Erik paused for a moment trying to think, but nothing more came to mind except three words. "Lead the way."

Biting her lip and smiling, Rachel grabbed his waistband and walked backwards, dragging him with her, before turning around to face forward. She looked over her shoulder to make sure he was following, and his eyes met hers. They stood out an unnatural sapphire blue.

Leading him around the velvet banister that roped off the stage viewing area, Rachel took him up the stairs to the private area made from plywood, curtains and second hand couches.

He studied the room a little more now that he was in it, his hand slipping out of Rachel's. Plywood walls and dark curtains lined the entire room. In the middle were two mismatched couches and a coffee table.

"Is something wrong?" Rachel's voice had dropped the submissive tone.

"No, I'm just looking and trying to think of how I can really improve this space."

She came back to him and pressed her nipples into view, "I think some carpet would be nice, maybe some nicer furniture."

Erik faced Rachel, taking her long form in and remembering that her body was going to be all over his in a minute. "I was thinking more of a full renovation but I still don't know if I should do an open floor plan or make nicer booths."

Rachel leaned down and kissed his neck, "That depends on," she kissed his ear, "if you like," her body enveloped him in a naked embrace and he felt her grind on his hip, "what happens in them."

Erik's hands went to her ass. He squeezed with both hands, her flesh cool in his palm. She moaned and ground herself harder against him. He let her slide up and down on him, her eyes closed and lost to the sensation, then said, "Show me what could happen in the rooms."

Her eyes opened and she stopped, a wicked smile reflecting her excitement. "Yes Sir." Taking his hand she led him through a curtain into a small room slightly larger than a walk in closet. Conduit ran along one wall, joining several rooms together, and a box with four outlets was in the middle of the wall. A cord draped from one outlet, leading to a strip of multicolor led rope lights, casting a weird mixture of blue, red, and purple light in the room.

Rachel twisted and pushed him into a threadbare chair, some of the stuffing showing in the arms. He tried to focus on the near naked woman in front of him.

Her lower left rib cage was dotted with a single mole, and with arms raised over her head, she undulated, causing her midsection to twist and bend towards him. Crossing her thighs over each other, she stepped and turned her ass into view. With her left hand she slapped herself then lowered her bum to touch his bent leg.

With control, she bounced her ass up his legs, landing on his crotch, then she promptly laid herself across him. Arching her back against him, her cheeks ground against his pants.

Erik's cock was throbbing against his jeans. Rachel worked against it, stroking it with her cheeks. With both hands she grabbed herself, spreading her buttocks wide and straddled herself on his shaft. When she let go, her flesh engulfed him and she started riding him through his pants.

Erik's mind was lost, engulfed by the sensations of pleasure. He was trying not to moan, his voice building pressure in his throat like water behind a dam. When he did finally let out a sound, a single drawn out "Fuuuuck." Rachel twisted and bore down on him, squeezing him deeper into the cleft of her cheeks.

She stopped and spun around on him, bringing her breasts back into view. Rachel stood, leaning forward to drag her tits across his face, then knelt between his legs and began undoing his pants. When she took hold of his cock and brought it out she made a pleased sound and smiled.

Looking down at her smiling at him in her hands, Erik asked, "Is it to your liking?"

"Yes Sir, its beautiful. Long but not painfully so, and thick but not terrifying."

Erik laughed, "They can be terrifying?"

"God yes! I mean, bigger is normally better for me because so many people are small, but occasionally I find horse cocks on men that are crazy big in either length or girth, but rarely both." She smiled and nuzzled her cheek to his election, "Your's is both. It's beautiful. Can I suck it?"

"Please do. You're supposed be showing me what these rooms are for anyway."

Rachel made a pleased sound, a kind of purring noise, then her lips were upon him. She started at his head, sucking his first inch down. He tried to imagine what she was doing with her tongue in her mouth, pressing it to his underside, or wrapping it around but he couldn't keep up with her motions. The only one he could identify is when the tip of her tongue curled up and tickled different parts of his cock. The first one made him jump a little, but when she did it again, he sagged into it.

Working up and down his length, Rachel got most of him into her mouth without any trouble. Then she started to fight for the last bit of him. She came off of him entirely and one hand idly stroked him. "Can you push on the back of my head?"

"Force me down your throat?"

She nodded.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. I really want to deep throat all of you Sir. I like being forced. Its super hot to me."

The image of him roughly fucking her from behind, holding her arms behind her back and plowing into her hard and fast, came to Erik's mind. He dismissed it in an instant, but he had a feeling she would have enjoyed it. "I'm not far from cumming, do you-"

She interrupted him with a moan, "Please cum in my throat. I would love to deep throat swallow you Sir."

"Okay then."

Rachel moved her face forward and Erik didn't hesitate to put his hands on the back of her head. She took him back in her mouth and worked down him length in a couple of strokes, then pressed his tip to her throat, queuing him.

Erik pulled and at first it was like pressing his cock into a wall. She swallowed against him and moved under his hands. He let up after a second and she stroked his cock with her mouth while Repositioning over him. She aligned her neck and throat differently then plunged herself back down, pushing his tip to her throat.

Erik reached up and pulled. With some resistance, he popped into her throat. Immediately, tight wet flesh squeezed around him. It was a familiar sensation as he had been deep throated before, but her throat was new. Despite being physically larger, Rachel's throat felt like a slick vice.

Her lips landed against his scrotum and she made little bobbing motions. Instantly a small orgasm began building inside of him. He lunged up to her face, humping it slightly. After a second she fought against his hands and he let her slide off of him, red faced.

"Fuck yes, that's hot!" She gasped.

Erik smiled, throbbing in her stroking hand. "You know, I always imagined getting wonderful blow jobs as a perk to being a strip club owner, but I didn't think it would be a reality."

"Normally its a scum bag requirement. Gotta blow the boss once a week or something, or you can't work. We never had to do that for David, and you don't make any of us do it even though we all would if you asked."


"Fuck yeah, you're young, and cute, and you've showered recently. Most of the time we're doing worse men at home. Regardless of what we do here. And you actually care about us a little bit. We've all sucked worse dick for less. If a little pleasure keeps you happy, we will all happily provide it." She stroked him then put the head of his cock in her mouth.

"Well, you don't have to do anything to me or for me. I want to do all of this because that's what a good boss should do for you ladies."

She came off of him, "And that's why we all want to suck and fuck you until your balls are empty. Everyday if you want. For us, you're a fantasy come true, why not be the fantasy in return? Because otherwise, we would have to anyway." She then pushed herself down his whole length.

Erik obliged her earlier request and pulled down on her, and her throat gave way much easier this time. They had to repeat this process several times as she couldn't hold her breath long. Eventually though, the pressure was too much.

"I'm gonna come this time."

"Don't let up, even if I pass out." She said with tears running down her cheeks. She was smiling at him, and went back down his cock.

He didn't let up. He erupted, pulsing into her throat while holding her face to his hip. He felt her tongue curl up and the tip stroke his base inside of her mouth. He threw ropes of cum into her body while his toes curled, his legs tightened, and his back arched. A long grunt escaped him while his cock leapt against the inside of her mouth.

Finally he collapsed in the chair and pulled Rachel's face off of his lap. She heaved several breaths into her chest. Fresh tears rolled down her smiling cheeks, and she rested against him, her breasts pressed into his legs.

Erik reached down and stroked her cheek. To his surprise, she nuzzled his palm like a cat.