Edward Morra

Hello, dear members!

It's been a bit more than two months since I opened my premium channel and I am very glad I went through this absolutely crazy time with you all!

Market was wild and calm, bullish and bearish, generous and devastating! We became more experienced and learned so many thing together!

Due to some signals back in November that went down and locked us up, I felt responsible for them and I thought that I need to finish those. So, that's why I have prolonged your monthly membership for additional month till mid of December (now).

As you can see, I dedicated myself fully to the premium channel and don't post much in my main one, expect for general market outlook at BTC and ETH, two biggest coins everyone must to know about.

I am not focusing on adding as many members as possible, in fact I capped it at around 50 members because I do provide private consultation on one-on-one basis, and I appreciate quality more than quantity.

I have big plans for the next month (from now till mid of January). I want to focus more on educational materials so you can understand how markets work better. I will be doing new educational material + I am going to bring your attention on ICO (something we haven't done before). Also, my trading signals and thoughts will be shared exclusively with you. I might change our trading style a bit, to avoid being stuck with one coin for a long time (lesson learned).

In addition to that bonus extra month, I want to bring my apologies if I did something wrong and I am offering you Christmas discount - 50% off. So, instead of 0.04 BTC/month, I am going to offer you 0.02 BTC/m

I really don't want to accept new members and I never shill or promote my channel anywhere. I did it only once and you all came to me! Thank you for that! I really want to stick with you guys and grow into experienced crypto adopters together!

To make a payment, please use these following addresses:

1) BTC:


or equivalent in ETH

2) ETH


you can use https://coinmarketcap.com/calculator/ to check equivalent.

After you done with payment, please message me back with a TXID or screenshot.

Thank you!