"healthcare" USA...

"healthcare" USA...

Hospital Charges New Mom Extra To Hold Her Baby After Giving Birth

When my wife was about to give birth, I rehearsed being grossed out by what I was about to witness. But call it nature, biology, whatever you want to call it, once I saw my son's head start to crown, all of the gore and blood and stretching and wonderful stuff you see in health class and/or very weird YouTube searching all just seemed beautiful to me.

The only thing I wanted to do after he was out was hold and comfort the little guy.

Something that this hospital thought was worth charging money for.

Like this mother who was charged $39.35 for "SKIN TO SKIN" after her c-section.


The cost of having a child in the USA even with health insurance is exorbitantly high for most people. Now imagine if this mother didn't have insurance at all?

And sure, the staunchest US healthcare defenders could brag about the "quality" of the care we receive here, but honestly, forty bucks just to hold your kid? Now they're making up charges. This isn't freaking ticketmaster, THIS IS A HOSPITAL.

But honestly, anyone who's seen healthcare billing in the USA knows that it's screwed. Just look at how much hospitals are charged for plastic rulers.


This pack of 100 costs $6 on Amazon.

But this hospital this guy worked in was charged $80.40.


But no, we don't have a healthcare problem.