Hard to believe but Messenger-Without-Words confidently closed a pre-ICO round.

Hard to believe but Messenger-Without-Words confidently closed a pre-ICO round.

Dmitry Perelman

At first glance, it sounds crazy. However, the project under the proud title The Memessenger and the official slogan "F% CK WORDS, USE MEMES" does not attempt to organize another "crypto-revolution", but rather openly declares its entertainment purpose.

The Memessenger is a messenger without words. You can communicate in it only by sending audio-visual stickers-memes. An in-app cryptocurrency is built into the messenger, which use necessitated an ICO. One of the application features, which is ready for implementation, is that the application will "pay" users for the messages received. However, even this is not that crucial at the moment. What is crucial, however, is the fact that a week and a half ago The Memessenger successfully closed its pre-ICO round, raising the equivalent of $ 150,000. Why did this happen, and what is really hidden behind a seemingly "frivolous" project? Here are the reasons:

The Memessenger already has a an established MVP (minimum viable product) which is extremely rare for the current ICO projects. The app is called "Эпический Мессенджер Дичь” or “Epic Messenger Ditch". To target the international markets it was recently rebranded and is now called The Memessenger. It is currently available for download on the AppStore and PlayMarket.

Even before the start of the ICO, more than $200,000 of personal investments was invested in the project.

Messenger-without-words is a portfolio project of the IIDF (Internet Initiatives Development Fund) - one of the world's largest venture funds based in Russia. Moreover, The Memessenger (at that time still called Ditch) successfully passed IIDF acceleration program.

Within the framework of pre-ICO, a number of large investors and funds showed interest.

Instead of holding one or two ICO rounds raising huge investment sums, The Memessenger ICO logic is built around short monthly rounds with a transparent track of results and adequate collection amounts.

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