Adi Sutakwa

Many years ago, there was a boy named Go who was orphan since he was just 43 days old. But he can go wherever he want and know he know that it was his fate that drives him to his destiny. The destiny that point him right on the destination.

Go begin to understand that people can't even live alone. Even since the very beginning what keep him alive was loneliness. It was how he live his life. Human can actually lives alone, being able to alone.

Of course in the end of the day Go always had to behave logically that human is a social matter, so I cannot ever live alone. People born, they start to grow, old, and died. Alone - socially related - alone.

Go realize that he needs to keep growing in order to maintain what can only be gain with maturity. People needs to develop their self. Learning how to do something, how kill someone.

Childhood was not quite enough for Go, he can fully understand how to be better than anyone. And of course he wanna know the other 'thing'. That was haunted him.

It was a privilege, to be born as an orphan. That's what Go thought anyway. People can live normally, but at some point, they'll collapse with collateral damage. Go understand that.

Haunted by his choice, Go tried to run in runaway of life. A flat open fields that seems endless and meaningless. It is so stressful, that's how he describe his condition. So he decided to kill everything that kill-able. It is obvious for him. Killing something.

Go feel it very unobservable. Globalization, social media, internet, everything seems very suspicious. But he doesn't know what's coming. Something big is coming.

Go tried to dodge the fist of uncertainty. But he was hopeless. He just a little boy who was born in the wrong time and wrong place. It was very miserable, he thinks, to be alive with an invincible chains. It was horrible.

It was unpleasant experience to be hit by the world. But Go think it over and tried to stand still, he knows how to be the best in his years to come. He began to mastermind the blueprint of the master plan.

The master plan, that's what he called it. The plan to eliminate the impossibility in his world of plan. He recreate the possibility just to erase another bad possibility. That's how complicated the plan is. 

But unfortunately, that's the last time Go write it down.

Later, you'll know it was not an unfortunate thing. Go can just memorize it, by building a 'mind palace'. Something so covert for someone as introvert as Go. It's like opening a secret door in vast field of books, an eternal maze.

Behind the secret door there is always a cave full of hole, ready to explore. Whenever Go want to call any particular or even peculiar memory of his life, he simply clap his imaginary hand, what a astonishing idea, he thinks.

And this is, the story of Go, a boy who can go wherever forever.

Photo by Stefan Steinbauer on Unsplash