Gina Beavers

Gina Beavers

Dicecream Magazine

🔳Gina Beavers (b. 1974 in Athens, Greece) 

Gina Beavers’ works are at once real yet unrealistic. Painting exclusively from photographs she creates 3d reliefs by layering unpigmented acrylic, painted with a top coat of matt colour. With a focus on contemporary digital culture her series include works based on online make up tutorials, ‘foodporn’ photographs (the images users post online of their meals), memes and body builder selfies.

In thick visceral paint she reproduces images she has collected online, predominately on video and photo sharing sites such as Youtube and Instagram – her paintings often use the widely recognised square format of the latter.

To create her three-dimensional canvases, artist Gina Beavers often works closely from photographs or Google image searches, reproducing even the smallest of details.

Her reverence for the original image extends photorealism to its extreme in her reliefs of acrylic paint, pumice, and glass beads.

Her work walks the line between high and low, and art and craft, while, as critic Roberta Smith once wrote, Beavers “exaggerates and satirizes the act of painting.” 

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