getting to BSF17 in Varvara

getting to BSF17 in Varvara


It's easy getting to Varvara beach as there are plenty of cheap flight options to Burgas, and Varvara is less than 100km from it.Anyways, one would typically start his travel to Varvara from Burgas, so we assume you are familiar with getting there first.

update: by Shuttle

If you happen to be between Burgas and Sinemoretz, and you are a group of people, you can use the dedicated BSF shuttle service covering this area. The shuttle has 6 places and costs are as follows :

  • 55BGN from Burgas
  • 40BGN from Sozopol, Lozenets, Tsarevo
  • 30BGN from Sinemoretz and Ahtopol

call this number for bookings (bg/en): +359 89 5455793

call this number should you face troubles w/the booking: +359 87 8730556

by Hitchhiking

(Those who prefer bus or taxi - read below)

Keep in mind that hitchiking is alway quite a good option once you're outside Burgas though. Hitch hiking is used by locals and also tourists a lot. You can basically hitch-hike very easy from arbitrary resort south-wise from Chernomorets .

To get out of Burgas for hitchhikeAsk a local for directions to the intersection of the streets Chataldja and Todor Alexandrov boul.. About 50 m south of the intersection on the street Todor Alexandrov boul. (recognisable by the "Созопол 24км / Sozopol 24km" signs) there is a hitchhiking spot, where there are trees for shade and room for cars to stop.

getting by car

route to Varvara alongside southern BG seaside

It's quite common to reach the festival area by car. The distance is reported to be approx. 72.5km.

The road is quite busy, so it's advised to keep within limits for your own safety. There are also plenty of cops on this particular road, so driving under arbitrary unlawful influence may result in harsh penalties such as, but not limited to plates dismount among other stuff.

Plenty of car hire options are available in Burgas for prices as cheap as 15EU/day.

Well, this is where you get to..., the cars parked in the far side are visible in the upper corner.

getting by Bus (from Burgas, Sozopol)

There's a train station and bus station located next to each other, called the South Bus Station. Most travelers arrive there by train or bus from Sofia, Plovdiv etc.

Regular lines travel to both Ahtopol, Rezovo and Sinemorets. The small village Varvara is located just before AHTOPOL.

Multiple travel options from Burgas between 07:00 and 19:30 are possible by BUS as follows :


“М БУС” – 7:00; 9:00


“Минибусекспрес Юг 2000″  -  13:00; 19:30


“Минибусекспрес Юг 2000″ - 17.30


“Минибусекспрес Юг 2000″ – 14.00

Most of these also stop at Sozopol, Tsarevo and Lozenets
price for single trip from Burgas-Varvara is 6 eur
(cyrillic text is the names of the BUS operators)
The coaches are quite comfortable.
source: Burgas South coach station (BG only)

getting by Bus (from Ahtopol or Tsarevo)

If you happen to be in Ahtopol or Tsarevo, there's also a bus going round these three and goes to Varvara.

Prices are trivial - 1-3EUR.
Source: Маршрутки Варвара
Source: Tsarevo Info

..ppl tellin stories of their travels...

getting by Taxi

Taxis may agree to get a group of people to Sinemorets for roughly 50-80leva (25-40eur). There are also private drivers that stay around the main station till late hours.

Please note - you should not give money in advance, but only when u arrive to the festival. Also - there's a standard fair of roughly 1bgn / km and if you get a price higher than 70BGN there's a fairly good chance that s.o. is trying to play tricks on you. Please remember that this is a very nice ride and drivers also know it and would rather get it than not.

I'd say you should be able to bargain a 40-60BGN ride from Burgas.

Most taxis are familiar with the festival location, known as Wake UP bar at Varvara beach.