Get yourself a Corporate Travel Service and Leave all to us to Provide you the Best

Get yourself a Corporate Travel Service and Leave all to us to Provide you the Best

It takes more than issuing tickets to manage a successful travel program for you corporate travel. We take a unique approach to the travel management process and try to develop programs that solve for the unique challenges of your company. We help in developing, implement, execute, and analyze your program from the beginning ensuring that your company saves money while reaping the benefits and rewards of travel.

We specialize in the entire traveler experience from the trip planning process to when they return home, making sure they are taken care of the entire way through their journey. When you partner with ClayPlay corporate travel services, your company is getting the Solutions You will going to Love, the Services You Need, and the Savings You Want - we are in the traveler logistics business.

We are one of the world’s leading business travel agencies, provides world-class corporate travel management fueled by decades of experience, our amazing corporate travel services and backed by award-winning technology. Our organization focuses on the business of business travel agency - so you and your employees can focus on your company’s business.


· Service – As it is all about relationships and trust. Our travelers have given us a 99.9% favorable customer service rating. So, go ahead, put us to the test!

· Designated Travel Consultants – You are not just a number to us. Your travelers will get a designated group of specialized consultants and service provider to assist them.

· Convenience - Stay in control of your plans while we take the work out of travel planning for you to have a convenient travel.

· 24/7 Access - Whenever and wherever you are travelling, there's always a live travel consultant on call to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 Days a week. That what like a peace of mind.

· Savings – We stretch your travel dollars to help you to get the most value. Our established Airline, Hotel and Car Programs can save you money from the Day 1.

· Solutions – We provide all the technology you and your travelers requires - online booking tools, mobile apps, travel alerts and real time reports are just the start.

· Long-Term Stability – As Reliability is important. We have been in business travel agency and are 100% debt free - you can count on Clay Play.

· Highest Data & Security Ranking - Your security is our top most priority. We are one of the only corporate travel management companies.

· Transparency & Data – Now you will always know what your company has spent on the travel. We are there to help you to track every detail, every purchase and every line item.

· Expertise – You will get a designated service provider that will help you implement, negotiate, and perfect your travel program.

· Duty of Care – Know where your travelers are at all times. This is also important.

· Best Price – We guarantee the best price or you do not pay us. As you know that is simple.

We simply review and look for the ways to enhance our services been offered. Investing in game-changing technology and bringing out the new innovation to market. This continuous drives is supported by our service excellence. Whether those in strategic support, specialist expert or to that day-to-day bookings and management of your business travel requirements.

Our travel consultants have adopted a ‘yes we can’ attitude with them. Next to the booking and planning, they can provide your travelers a wide array of services including arranging visa and entry formalities, transfers and train reservations. And, in case things go wrong, travelers can reach us through our 24*7 emergency services to get solutions, as fast as possible.