Few Indicators That You Are Inclined Towards Divorce in The UAE

Few Indicators That You Are Inclined Towards Divorce in The UAE

Professional Lawyer – Dr. Hassan Elhais 
Professional Lawyer – Dr. Hassan Elhais

Many people in the UAE consider divorce as giving up or failure. A decision for divorce is not a quick and easy decision to make, especially when kids and finances are involved. However, it is not uncommon to think about divorce when you are unhappy with your relationship. Undergoing a divorce might feel like an escape; however, it might not be the only answer.


Here are some indicators that you should get divorced:


1. Disappearing friendship

Do you know what makes a relationship happy and satisfying? It is the friendship between you and your partner! This is the best way to avoid resentment. When the friendship stays stronger even after bitter challenges, togetherness becomes stronger. But when the friendship fades away, the relationship loses its protective cover. This makes it easy for people in relationships to feel that the initial spark has faded away. In such circumstances people often feel that there is a lack of support for each other, and it becomes very easy to turn against each other too. This is when you should consider hiring a divorce lawyer in Dubai, before things reach a tipping point and result in permanent harm


2. Distance/Selfishness:

The relationship is a balance between trust and exchange. Relationships that are destined to fail can often see people trying to make ends meet at the expense of their partners. The foundation of marriage is undermined when one partner prioritizes oneself before their significant other. This selfishness can make the spouse feel unsupported and unimportant. A healthy relationship is all about give and take. Marriage can lead to divorce when a spouse tries to step over the other for their own selfish benefits. That is not how marriages are supposed to work.


3. Space:

A marriage stays healthy when you give each other space to breathe. Generally, giving space brings spouses closer together. However, if you still do not feel closer to your spouse even after a long period of separation, then you might have reached the stage in your marriage where you might want to consider the option of divorce. Many people end up continuing in their marriage out of fear of the stigma of divorce and other changes that it brings to your life. However, continuing in a relationship out of fear is not healthy for either party and often ends up causing permanent damages.

People often test or experience the concept of space in different ways. Sometimes, people experience it when their spouse proceeds for an overseas business trip and suddenly, instead of experiencing the normal pangs of separation they instead end up feeling an intense sense of relief. Quiet often, it is only then, that sometimes people end up realizing that they were experiencing actual pain until that point. If you are going though similar experiences, then you might want to take a reality check and understand that your marriage is headed for a divorce.

4. Excitement:

Your marriage is definitely undergoing changes for the worse when you are constantly thinking about the future of your marriage, and you feel sad and depressed. When you continually feel uninspired, trapped and unimpressed with your marriage, then it’s a sign that you should get a divorce. Staying married should entice excitement and you should feel happy when you are around your significant other. Your marriage should fill you with a sense of fulfillment and happiness as you plan your future ahead. But if this is s not the case, then your marriage, despite your best efforts might not be redeemable, and you should consider hiring a divorce lawyer in Dubai.



When you feel something is not right with your marriage and want to end things, you can always speak up with a Divorce Lawyer in UAE and set things straight. Also, refer the checklist for filing a divorce in the UAE.