Albert Safiullin

Albert Safiullin

2009-2011 19 months

Software Engineer

Development of applications in Delphi for working with MS SQL database SERVER 2005 Support for internal web service in PHP 4 (work with documents) Skills/Stack: delphi, php4, css, html, html5, javascript, mysql

2010-2011 12 months

Working with Joomla v1.5 sites Skills/Stack: php4, css, html, javascript, CMS Joomla 1.5

2011-2013 29 months

Web Programmer

Working with Joomla v1.5 sites, Joomla Framework v1.5 Skills/Stack: php4, php5, css, html, html5, javascript, linux, mysql, CMS Joomla 1.5

2013-2014 5 months

Javascript - developer

Unsuccessful experience as a javascript developer Skills/Stack: javascript, git

2014-2015 18 months

Web developer

Development and support, updating of sites on Yii, Yii2 Framework Skills/Stack: php5, css, css3, html, html5, javascript, linux, mysql, Yii, Yii2 Framework, redis, sphinxsearch, git, nginx, apache2

2016-2018 24 months

Web developer

Development and support, updating of sites on CMS S3 Skills/Stack: php5, php7, css, css3, html, html5, javascript, linux, mysql, redis, sphinxsearch, CMS S3, git, nginx, apache2, linux, docker

Experience in Java, android, golang

2015 6 months

Android, golang - developer

The Go Programming Language go1.5 released 2015/08/19 Fast learned golang on weekend I was found a team, began to participate in the Travelmap project for free - Android application in Java. I decided to write a rest-api server on golang instead of PHP. Next, I have worked a Java application and a golang server. In half a year I'm forced to leave because there was no time for it.

2016 1 month

I wrote a couple of bots on golang for telegram messenger

End 2017


I read about the blockchain, I thought about my life and decided to change the field of work. I decided to do android development, I have a powerful laptop, so compilation quickly takes place. I return to the Travelmap team, only the project is designed from the ground up and called Bytheway (Bytheway application for travelers in google play) Android application on Kotlin, database - Firebase.

In the Bytheway team. I started actively gaining experience in android development in the language of Kotlin, I reading the book Kotlin in action. Skills/Stack: android, kotlin, firebase, rxJava, dagger2, unit tests, ui tests, clean architecture, nodejs