An example request in Java

HttpResponse<JsonNode> response = Unirest.get("https://api-2445582011268.apicast.io/characters/?fields=*&limit=10")
.header("user-key", "YOUR_KEY")
.header("Accept", "application/json")

Get all information from a specific game


1942, is the ID of the game.

Get all games from specific genres


Notice you can comma separate multiple IDs (12, 9 and 11). You can do this with games, companies and anything else.

Count total games that have a rating higher than 75


Order by popularity

Popularity parameter for games. You can access it like this: /games/?fields=name,popularity&order=popularity:desc

The popularity number is calculated using usage statistics of game pages at https://www.igdb.com

Coming soon games for Playstation 4


1500619813000: Is the timestamp in miliseconds of today (This you need to generate yourself)
48 Is the platform id of Playstation 4.

Source igdb.github.io