example home work for unit #10

example home work for unit #10


In the early period of the history of Rome it was considered that the main purpose and main essence of life of the citizen – was the existence of own home, children and family relationships, while family relationships did not obey the law, but were governed by tradition. Basic principle of Roman society – was a reliance on basic unit of society - the family. Family ties were based not only on kinship, but also on adoption. Several related families formed a family; the most influential of them played an important role in political life. The Roman family consisted not only of mother and father, but also of unmarried daughters, sons, their wives and children. Family servants, slaves and all household goods were also included.

Head of the family - the father - had unlimited power, which was legally issued and distributed to all members of the family. Almost all decisions in family father took by himself.The power of father also meant that he could consent to his daughter’s marriage; to separate or sell children into slavery, also he determined the fate of the newborn.

The woman was in the will of her husband because she "belonged only to the family and did not exist for the community." In Roman families the woman had more rights because she took the control over the house holding. She was sovereign mistress of the house.

It was considered good form when a woman well arranged family life, thus freeing husband for important state affairs. The dependence of women was limited, essentially by property relations; to own and dispose of property without the permission of her husband she could not.

Children in ancient Rome were educated according to the wealth of their parents. Children of the poorest Romans did not learn nor write nor read as they helped with the housework. The boys from wealthier families began to attend school, when they reached the age of six. In elementary school they learned for 11 years, and further education they gained at home. Girls just prepared for marriage. Rich Romans had a special servant - teacher who accompanied the children to school.

The family occupies in our lives one of the first places and there is nothing more significant and more prominent. Family is the most important component of social structure; it is a special social institution that ensures the reproduction of society. Family – is the fundamental unit of society. Family creates the greatest social wealth - human. Here he is born and formed as a person. This is the cell, with which begins any state. There is no country without family and family relations. I think that family is the foundation of any country and community. Thus was in ancient times, so it is now. It is historically confirmed that the prosperity of a country depends on the prosperity and mutual understanding in the families that live in this country. When parents teach their children correct principles of life and educate them in the right outlook, the government gets conscious citizens which in the future will bring much good and welfare to the country, and to all those who require it.