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Today’s social and technological landscape is a fertile ground for new ideas, services and tools which are being developed quickly and continuously.

Users are presented with more choice than ever before. However, choice is provided at the expense of privacy, security and personal data usage. Often users and their data are considered the product to benefit from.

Users’ journeys are reliant on trusting third parties and intermediaries with the security of their data and software

environments. In this context, being able to effectively protect users’ privacy and data resembles a paradox.

Blockchain-based technologies have the power to solve the issues presented by this context. Yet in their current state, these technologies will not be sufficient nor effective until users are able to easily and proficiently interact with them. Decentralized solutions and intermediary-free services or tools are of critical importance to enable users to regain control over their freedom, privacy and what constitutes their digital “life pieces” including IDs and data.


Users’ data including habits, personal information, locations, social relations, financial details represent the highest intrinsic value for the service providers and ill-intentioned actors. In this context, users are currently exposed to a multitude of risks which are directly and indirectly arising from their interactions with current IT solutions. Additionally, the centralization of resources and services combined with insecure data management practices pose several threats whereby the risk of having single points of failure with critical effects is highly enhanced.


Every piece of the user's digital life is totally exposed and vulnerable. Users don’t have full control or ownership over their own “digitalized life and belongings.” They are forced to use and rely on the potentially dangerous, non-trustable and insecure existing solutions.

The lack of user friendly secure tools and services prevents users from effectively protecting themselves,and their data, while interacting with third-parties. Users are not given disclosure of how their data is being used or who it is shared with. Further, they can't trust the environments in which their connected information is managed and stored.

They don’t have any other choice but to always expose their data if they want to use or interact with the wide majority of the existing services


Essentia provides a complete set of solutions to users, decentralized service providers and their

technologies. Essentia is the multi asset swiss-army knife solution that users always have in their pocket.

Providing a gateway to decentralized resources and, through them, traditional internet services, while also having

exclusive, full control, over their identity, digital life and data.


With the Essentia framework, the users’ IDs, data, desktop, files, accounts, software, wallets, logins and so forth, are not managed by third-parties or centralized services. They can simply follow the user and always be fully accessible and used from anywhere, in a trustable operating data environment.

Protected by cryptography and blockchain-based systems, the user is able to instantly and securely gain access to on-chain and off-chain third-party services and to interact with them. In each instance, deciding whether or not to share information or data

Users can not only rely upon, and access, decentralized or virtualized resources and distributed computing

but they are also able to bootstrap and use their own personal system. They can dispose of their data, and digital

belongings, with the ease of use of a consumer solution and the full power that a decentralized framework can


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