English news presentations review

English news presentations review

Sagit Khaliullin 11-501


After this presentation we know that there is a sensor-studded suit appeared that helps to track recovery. That's great because it helps to prevent huge health problems.


This young man presented us new Instagram feature. He said that now it's possible to stream online video in this social network, but only using version from american app store. It tried to do it and proved it's impossible. So this young man lied us. We shouldn't believe him anymore.


This boy told us about that hospital to get first dedicated 3D tissue-printing facility. He said that the Queensland University of Technology is building a dedicated biofabrication space where doctors and researchers can develop tech to model and print cartilage, bone and other human tissue. It's great news but no one knows when it will be possible to remake all humans tissue. It will be huge step for humanity if it happens.


She told us about 3D printer for kids. It's a crowdfunding project from Indiegogo. First printers will be sent on christmas holidays. The price is 500$, but you can order it for 249$ on Indiegego. This is very expensive toy for children. I think it's better to buy full size printer for the same money.