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Abandon x Keep 

abhor x love  

abridge x expand 

abrupt x gradual 

accept x refuse 

accumulatex scatter 

acquit x convict 

admire x despise 

adroit x clumsy 

adversary x ally 

Adversity x prosperity 

affection x hatred 

Affirm x deny 

Agile x sluggish 

Alleviate x worsen 

Ambiguity x clarity  

Arrogant x humble 

Ascent x descent 

Barbarous x civilized 

Bare x covered 

Beneficial x injurious 

Benevolent x cruel 

Baised x impartial 

Boisterous x quite 

Bondage x freedom 

Compassionatex mercilless

Complex x simple

Complaintx adamant

Conceal x reveal

Consolidatex disintegrate

Converge x diverge

Convoluted x straight  

deceit x honesty

Defy x obey

Dejection x exhilaration

Delete x insert

Dilatex constrict

Discrepancyx consistency

Dismal x gay

Distend x shrink

Deverge x converge

Drowsy x active

dwarf x ginat

Dwindle x Increase

Ecstasy x misery

Elevation x depression

Eminent x ordinary

Esteem x disdain

Eternal x transitory

Everlastingx ephemeral

Evitable x unavoidable


Extrinsic x inherent

Facrimile x original

Fascinatex repel

Feasiblex impracticable

Feeble x strong

Fertile x barren

Fiasca x success

Fiction x fact

Fidelity X disloyalty

Flexible x rigid

Forego x accompany

Foreign x indigeneous

Forion x happy

Frency x calm

Frequent x rare

Frugal x lavish

Fugitive x permanent

Generous x selfish

Genuine x fake

Gravity x levity

Happiness x grief

Harsh x gentle

Hazardous x safe

Healthy x sick

Hesitate x decide

Hope x despair

Hostile x friendly

Hungry  x satiated

Hurryx delay

Hypothesix fact 

Ignite x extinguish

Illuminate x darken

Imitate x invent

Impair x repair

Implyx assert

Infinitex limited, bounded

Infringe x obey

Innocent x guilty

Intelligent x dull

Intricate x simple

Jealousy x tolerence

Jeer x praise

Joy x misery

Lean x plump

Leniencex strictness

Licentious x restrained

Lift x lower

Mad x sane

Majestic x lowly

Malice x goodwill

Malign x praise

Melancholy x cheerful 

Mild x harsh

Miserable x Happy

Mobile x stationary

Modesty x arrogance

Naive x sophisticated

Nasty x clean

Native x alien

Nebulous x dear

Nervous x bold

Noble x lowborn

Obedient x racaicitrant

Obligation x choice

Obscene x decent

Obstinate x submissive

Obvious x hidden

Optimistic x pessimistic

Orderly x haphazard

Ornante x simple

Parallel x divergent

Pardon x sentence

Particle x bulk

Passionate x calm

Passive x active.

pathetic x comical

Persuade x dissuade

Plenty x dearth, scarcity

Posterity x ancestry

Practical x visionary

Preliminaryx final

Prohibit x permit

Propitiatex anger

proscribe x allow 

Puzzle x solve

Quack x expert

Questionablex certain

Radical x superficial

Rational x insane

Reckless x careful

Relieve x aggravate

Remember x forget

Resist x yield

Retreat x advance 

Relavation x mystery

Riddle x clue

Ridicule x respect

Robust x feeble

Scurrilous x decent

Segregate x join, unite

Shallow x deep

Significant x trivial

Single x multiple

Tedious x exciting

Transparent x opaque

Unanimity x disagreement

Unkempt x neat 

Vacant x replete

vain x effective 

Valor x cowardice

Vanity x modesty

Vex x delight

Virtue x vice

Voluntory x obligatory

Vulgar x refined

Wearyx energetic 

Wild x tame

Youthx maturity

ANTONYMS Questions

Choose the word opposite in the meaning to the given word.


(a) throw away 

(b) release 

(c ) keep 

(d) none of these


(a) civilized       (c ) arrogant 

(b) uncivilized    (d) rural


(a) costly         (c ) friendly 

(b) unfriendly     (d) narrowness


(a) ancestry         (c ) audacity 

(b) periodically       (d) adversity


(a) weak             (c )stickly 

(b) strong           (d) Timid

6.The opposite of 'optimistic'

(a) mystic         (b) orderly 

(c ) obedient       (d) pessimistic


(a) freedom         (c ) mystic

(b) capture          (d) written


(a) visible          (c ) translucent 

(b) visual (d) opaque


(a) guilty          (c ) unkind 

(b) cruel           (d) witness


(a) safe           (c ) feeble 

(b) problematic    (d) success


1.c 2.a 3.c 4.a 5.b 6.d 7.a 8.d 9.a 10. a

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