❌Word and Antonym❌

⏩Bold × timid

⏩broad × narrow

⏩allow × forbid

⏩absolute × limited

⏩condemn × approve

⏩economical × extravagant

⏩fair × fo

⏩far × near

⏩fresh × stale

⏩urbane × rude

⏩young ones of animals⏪

Ass - Foal

Bear - Cub

Bird - Nestling

Cat - kitten

Cow - calf

Deer - Fawn

Dog - Puppy

Fowl - Chicken

Correct Spelling

Autumn✅ Autum❌

Grammar✅ Grammer❌

Accommodate✅ Accomodate❌

Believe✅ Belive❌

Pneumonia✅ Neumonia❌

Secretariat✅ Secreteriate❌

Psychiatrist✅ Psychatrist❌

Anomalous✅ Anomalus❌

Magnificent✅ Magnificant❌

Lieutenant✅ Leftanant❌

Accelerate✅ Acelarate❌

Recommend✅ Reccomend❌

Occurrence✅ Ocurance❌

Vacuum✅ Vacumm❌

Bourgeoisie✅ Boorshwasi❌

Abbreviate✅ Abbrevate❌

Millionaire✅ Millionare❌

Deficiency✅ Defeciency❌

Occasion✅ Ocasion❌

Beginning✅ Begining❌


Parallel✅ Parallell❌

Queue✅ Quee❌

Separate✅ Seperate❌

Accident✅ Accidant❌

Maintenance✅ Maintanance❌

Privilege✅ Privilage❌

Preparation✅ Preperation❌

Miscellaneous✅ Mischellaneous❌

Assassination✅ Assasination❌

Acquitted✅ Aquitted❌