English Prepositions Denoting Time

English Prepositions Denoting Time


at three o'clock

at midnight

at sunrise

at sunset

at the weekend

at Christmas

at that time

at the moment

at present

at the appointed time

at the beginning / at the end (of smth)

late at night


in winter

in ( early/late ) September

in the morning

in the evening / afternoon

in the daytime

in the twenty first century

in machine age

in ancient times

in the middle ages

in Pushkin's times

in the 1990's

in the ( early/late ) 30-s


on Sunday

on the 3-rd of May

on a cold (wet, rainy, windy, summer, autumn) day (morning, night, evening)

on the night of smb's arrival(departure)

on the night of the 10-th of July

on smb's birthday

on the appointed time

on the same day

on Saturday morning

on New Year's day/ Eve

on this (melancholy, gloomy ...) occasion

on the occasion of May Day

From ... till

from 1990 till 2018

from January till March

from early in the morning till late at night

NB: "From ... till" aren't used with reference to place! To place use "from ... to"


He was working here FROM 1985 TILL 1995.

He has been working here SINCE 2001.

That year - тот год

This time tomorrow/yesterday - завтра/вчера в это время

Now / at present / nowadays - сейчас, в наше время

Presently - вскоре, незамедлительно

This time - на этот раз

at times - время от времени