Egretia Lab is the world’s first platform and ecosystem of blockchain on HTML5. The company has the closest cooperation with Egret Technology (this company created the first in the history process, built exclusively on HTML5). It includes 14 promising technical products, including Dragon Bones.

To date, Dragon Bones is a very effective and modern environment for animation. What’s good about animation with Dragon Bones in HTML5 is that it really supports many animation data formats, even some popular programming languages. In general, a lot of possibilities give developers the opportunity to create bright work, while a lot of resources will not be spent.

By integrating the most advanced blockchain technology into the proven HTML5 workflow, Egretia can provide developers with tools for developing games with minimal thresholds. With the help of visualization tools, developers can effectively create block games using HTML5, not paying attention to the underlying technology. Egretia is promoting HTML5 + blockchain applications.

Cloud platform of distributed communication and data storage will use blockchain nodes, providing decentralized exchange and storage of data.


Unfortunately, so far there is no information about the features of the token, neither on the site, nor in the Whitepaper. The project is too young, and all these details are still under development.


At the right bottom there is a link to the chat in Telegram – the most convenient option for quick communication with the representatives of the project. At the bottom of the main page, there are links to the lists of Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Both pages are well spelled out, of course, only in English.


In the document, which is available so far only in English, there are 39 pages. Here are several flowcharts and a bit of graphics, which simplifies the work. Most of the document – a description of the subtleties and details of the platform. At the end of the document, which is important, there is a list of risks.


The site lists 4 team members (among them – only founders and businessmen) and 4 advisors. Opposite to each participant of the project there is a description, however, only the members of the team have references to LinkedIn. It should be noted a few words about the creators of the project.

Social networks

As of April 10, the social channels of the project still have very low popularity. Most likely, the whole point is that the project is very young. To date, there are 4,082 subscribers in Telegram, 1,125 subscribers in Twitter and 1258 in Facebook. There is a blog in the Medium – there are now 6 very informative articles. Profile in reddit – level 3 Karma. The site has a link to the project’s githab – there are 3 repositories here, and there is a smart contract. In the group on the Linkedin site – only 6 participants. The bounty program in BitcoinTalk represents a profile with the Member level.


The project allocated a lot of money to social networks – half of the funds allocated to the bounty went on its developement! Programs are running from March 31 to May 11. A total of 20 million system tokens have been allocated for the program.

How will the funds allocated to the bounty be distributed?

– 20% content (blogs and media);

– 20% bitcointalk;

– 50% on social media;

– 6% reddit;

– 4% activity in Telegram.


Events are listed from Q2 2018 to the second quarter of 2020. In the very near future, active testing of all systems should be conducted, and in the third quarter of this year the first games and applications of Eggetia blockchain will be launched. The user’s digital wallet will be launched only early next year. In the third quarter of 2019, the trading platform will start working. Support of Ethereum, EOS and other public networks will be possible only in the 1st quarter of 2020. At the end of 2018, the Blockchain SDK will be developed and the alpha version will be launched. A full-fledged release of the gaming platform is scheduled only for the second quarter of 2019, the advertising platform will be presented approximately six months after this event. A stable version of Egretia Blockchain V1.0 will be launched only in the 2nd quarter of 2020.


The project is promising, however, it can not be said that the idea is new. However, while there is no specific information about the token and sales. So now, apparently, we should learn the layout and save up a little for the purchase of tokens system in the near future.

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