The EGRETIA platform projects desire to build the world’s first ever block-chain based gaming engine, offering block-chain progress tools to reach over 200k HTML-5 creators of the game.

HTML-5 is a structured language and material presentation for the WWW (World Wide Web), actually proposed by the Opera software and made by the WWWC (World Wide Web Consortium), starting in 04. In 08, Firefox becomes the initial browser to support HTML-5. In 2010 YouTube released Beta version of the HTML five systems, with other giant companies like Flicker, Pandora and LinkedIn creating the similar decision.

But biggest Giants soon realize that generating HTML 5 apps is too hard, even CEO of Facebook has admitted investing in HTML 5 is the biggest mistake of Facebook. After times of neglect, the HTML 5 gaming line has re-emerged as rapid game features in the messenger, we chat, Line, and Kik messenger apps are integrated with over 4 billion users.

By the end of 2017, the range of HTML 5 game players combating nearly 50 percent of the full number of worldwide mobile phones users, a full market value reached over ten Billion USD, is hoped to reach over 100 Billion USD in 2025. True given the quick progress of the HTML 5 gaming line, the progress and publishing of HTML 5 games remain quite hard.

• Lack of worldwide payment system this makes the payment procedure incurring needless risks from the credit-card.

• There’s no good result for storing user's digital assets, Users don’t have actual ownership of virtual assets when these assets are saved on the platform’s server.

• There’re no proper solutions to "attract" the flow of passage from the game sensibly.

• There’s no reasonable tool to protect the copyrights of HTML5 creations.

• Lack of inducement for game creators to develop top quality products.

The EGRETIA project goals to address these problems by creating game engine (a tool that’s written to made and develop games, easily because it’s an interactive middleware for a lot of apps. In the similar system jointly) first on the modern block-chain tech, EGRETIA’s new tech allows 200k developers and more than one Billion phones linked to the

blockchain EGRETIA is expected to include the following major products:

Digital Asset Transaction system: Provides a system that permits gamers to build games on EGRETIA system that can exchange virtual assets.

Advertising Platform: Build ad organization platforms on smart contracts, block-chain-based games, and virtual payments.

Platform Game: gamers can play games on this system; the platform applied a (PPG) proof-of-game tool for virtual rewards for players as-well-as sharing with friends.

EGRETIA Nursery:The nursery will hold up teams to create games based on EGRETIA, creating a bridge between the player and the expansion team.

Storage space platform: By using the block-chain tech allows saving all the information in the game fully dispersed.

Game development platform: HTML 5 game development tool on the first block-chain.

Components of EGRETIA

It’s expected that EGRETIA will create and run its own block-chain network as-well-as integrate with other block chain techs such as ETH and EOS. Some major functions of the EGRETIA platform:

• Speed: over 2000 TPS

• Protocol Consensus: DPOS is like Bit share, EOS.

• Flexible: simply to change the EGRETIA network configuration like block making time, block volume, deal fees via voting.

• Effectual development toolkit: Supports several languages Java script, type scrip, CSS, HTML, Node.JS, C ++, Go, C #.

Project evolution:

Power of the project

• The scheme is aiming at latent game growth market with a development rate of over 10 percent a year. The expected income of the HTML 5 game team will reach 100 billion USD in the next ten year.

• The plan of the project is quite fine to solve the present problem of the game filed, developing the first block-chain game progress platform.

• The growth team and counseling team are skilled in the field of block-chain video games, technology used in huge companies such as NVIDIA (Graphics, Game Engine, QUALCOMM, and Adobe). In addition, the plan also got capital from a range of large payments such as Bit Angel. This partially confirms the viability of the plan. Particularly the consultative group has enormous influence in the line of digital money.

• EGRETIA is now partnering with EGRET Technology to allow its present integration and entrance to more than 200k Microsoft partners, programmers, Xiaomi, Ten-cent, and 75% of the HTML5 game market. China.

• The plan is presently undergoing beta testing,

The EGRETIA plan was one of the most notable Initial coin offerings plans in the 2nd Q, but the Plan has not so far provided detailed information of the token metrics. We’ll update as-soon-as-possible

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