And the May month

Flaps its glad green leaves

Like wings: (Thomas Hardy)

Welcome back to kindergarten. I hope you had a joyful holiday and are looking forward to a busy, summer term.

We would like to welcome our new friend Stoyan and his family in the kindergarten. We hope they will be very happy in our kindergarten family.

This half term we have our Maypole festival on Thursday 25 May from 10am in Greenwich Park. Parents, siblings and Grandparents are warmly invited to join our festivities. More details to follow.

Our Whitsun festival will be on Tuesday 6 June: parents and grandparents are invited to join us for about 15 minutes at 9am. More details closer to the time.

Our parent's meeting will be held on Thursday 18 May 7pm to 8.00pm in the kindergarten. 

This term is as always a very industrious one with our rising class one children working conscientiously on their projects in addition to our other craft activities which all children participate in. Could all rising class one children who have not already done so please bring in an appropriate sized stick for their hobby horse please. Sticks should be about a metre tall and roughly an inch thick and still have the bark on so that your children get the full benefit of the work involved in transforming it to a hobby horse. We are looking forward to getting started on this project. Most rising class one children have fully completed their bags or are well on their way to doing so. 

Parent conversations will be on Tuesdays as normal: please make sure you book an appointment especially if you did not speak to me last term. Home visits will be on Mondays.

Next Monday is the bank holiday May Day festival when school will be closed. The Festival of May Day dates back to the ancient tradition of celebrating the beginning of summer. The crowning of the May Queen represents Flora the Roman goddess of spring (or Persephone, the Greek equivalent). A young girl was crowned with a garland of fresh flowers as Queen of the May. "May" is a rural word for hawthorn flowers and is usually found growing in the hedgerows at the beginning of May. The traditional song "Here we go gathering nuts in May" was probably originally "Here we go gathering knots of May" as a knot can mean a posy.

In some areas of the country the tradition persists that if young girls get up early on May day and wash their faces in the dew, this will ensure they will have a beautiful complexion for the rest of the year. In other areas washing in dew means they will marry the next man they meet.

To bring the spirit of May into the home for children it is a lovely idea to have some hawthorn branches in the centre of your meal table. Or perhaps you could make daisy chains with the children. Above all May is the month when we truly cast off the shadows of winter so find your skipping feet.