Eduard Asadov — Love and cowardice

Eduard Asadov — Love and cowardice

Why is love so often fragile?

Difference between the two characters? Someone narrowness?

To list all the reasons you can not exactly

But the main thing is, perhaps, cowardice.

Yes, yes, do not quarrel, not a lack of passion,

That is cowardice - cause.

It is something and there is that a mine

That often undermines happiness.

It is not true that if we are sometimes

We do not know the qualities of the soul.

Why do we dissemble before him,

At the core, we know both,

When we are bad, when good.

While the man shocks knows

It does not matter - good or bad,

He is in life usually resolves itself

To be who he is. Himself.

But the hour has come - the man falls

No, no, not going to refuse it in any way.

He's happy. He is eager to please.

It was then, mind you, and there is

Cowardice - Two-faced and silent enemy.

Worrying, afraid for the outcome of love

And as if to dress up,

He tends to hide his shortcomings,

She - efface their shortcomings.

So, like to be the best, first,

To somehow "touch up" your character,

Mean time to become generous,

Wrong - just terribly true.

And for the truth are liars mountain.

In an effort to brightly lit star

Like lovers stood on tiptoe

And as beautiful and better steel.

"You like?" - "Of course!"

"Do you love me?" - "Yes!"

That's all. Now they are husband and wife.

And then everything is as it should happen;

Well, how much you can stand on his toes?

Here and break the silence ...

Now that has become a family day,

No sense in playing in some hide and seek.

And climb, like hell to light shortcomings

Well, where just right, and they were?

Ah, if love, hiding nothing,

All his life while remaining itself,

If it had not had to speak with nostalgia:

"I did not think you'd like that!"

"I did not know what you are!"

And perhaps, that there was much rejoicing in full,

Do not need your soul dvoit.

After all, courage, perhaps, in need of love

No less than in space il in battle!