e 2: Spring Semester

e 2: Spring Semester

Ali and Me - 2, Spring Semester

... our erotic memoir

This is a sequel to "Ali and Me - Stockings."


Until the end of our seminal school year, Ali and I met at least twice a week between day and night classes. We dared to use the men's or women's locker room for the added risk of exposure and the benefit of the showers. Those meetings were exciting, clandestine, sweaty, hot, satisfying and yet still distant encounters, as she wished. They were usually rushed so she could get home to her live in fiancé and regale him with our adventures without revealing my name.

Ali struggled to understand Jim's fetish. I understood that he did not want to be a cuck, but wanted a 'hot wife' who fucked others and described the sessions to him during or after sex. Sometimes, he wanted to wait for her to come home full of cum and describe how naughty she was as he ate her. She enjoyed how unusually hard he got then and told me how much better sex was with him after our hot sessions.

As we stripped in the dimmed and empty men's locker room one day, Ali paused topless and said, "Al, I've been thinking about your asking if I enjoyed letting strangers see me naked while changing for modeling or anywhere. I found that I do get a thrill and prolong being naked, just knowing others were watching me. Does that make me an exhibitionist?" She watched my eyes follow her hands as they slowly dropped her commando skirt and let her golden muff tease me. Her mouth curled up and her eyes smiled at her beguiling power.

"There are degrees, Ms Prim and Proper. Are there other times you deliberately expose your pussy or tits or even look for opportunities to 'accidentally' expose? Our meetings here or in bathrooms are just a step away — no one is there when we begin stripping each other, but someone might enter if they hear us or by chance. I know you, and I, enjoy that risk — especially since we don't always lock the door. Maybe it's time to take our hot sex outside, in public and see how you feel? We don't need to be obvious to start."

"God no, Al. I don't want these strangers, and teachers, knowing about how horny I am. I suppose I do have a reputation to protect. So no PDAs. Imagine if one of them took photos and sold them to some rag. I could never model again."

"That was probably true 60 years ago. Today, it's acceptable for celebs to have indiscrete partners; it's even expected. I'm sure many of their saucy sex tapes were released deliberately for ratings and free social media ads. If your photos get released, I'd just respond, 'So what?' and shrug them off. Let's worry about that later so I can eat you before I fuck you again." We hugged as my cock stabbed her muff and I nibbled on her ear then gently scraped down her neck to the firm pebbles on her tiny tits.

"Mm, wait, Al. Let's find out if Jim really wants a 'hot wife' and call him now. Don't use your name. As far as he knows, I'm fucking several guys." That spun my head around. Might she be fucking others too and keeping that from me? I watched her call him and figured we'd play it by ear and give him a true presence in our sex play.

"Oh, hey Ali. Are you on your way home already? I can't wait to hear about your . . ."

"No, Jim. Not yet. In fact I'm with my lover now. We wondered if you wanted to hear us screwing in real time. Tell me the truth."

"Umm . . ." After a long moment of silence, he continued, "He's with you now? I hear an echo. Where are you? What's his name?"

"Never mind all that, Jim. Do you want to listen in or not?"

"I, ah, well . . . yes. OK."

Somewhat surprised, Ali's eyes swirled. "Well, Ok. Don't speak unless I ask you something. I'll put you on speaker now. His name today is, umm, Dick. Yes, that's it. I'll give you some running comments if I can — Dick has a very potent dick. Maybe you'll see it one day. Would you like that, my kinky man?"

Such flattery. We heard some activity and the faint sound of a zipper. "Maybe one day. When I get to watch you fuck him? "

"I don't know if we'll get to that. We are both naked in this echoey, semi public room. His stiff cock is poking me as he's kissing my neck, sucking and biting my nipples. He's rubbing my pussy, spreading it, sliding two fingers into my wet hole. Ahhh, he's shifting my hard clit. Ohh, it feels so good, but we are going slower than usual, for you, I guess. I want to kiss him, but I haven't allowed that. What do you think, honey? Should I kiss him, lick his tongue and let him taste me?"

Rapid breathing and faint slapping noises came from Jim. "Y-y-you said you kissed his cock, took him down your throat and swallowed his cum, something you never do for me, so go ahead and French him too." He sounded a little angry and hurt, yet still breathless.

"No, honey. I want to save that just for you. I have his beautiful cock in my hand and folding his foreskin back. Since I want you to hear a longer fucking, I'm dropping to my knees to take him deep in my throat, as you said, and will make him cum quickly and fill my belly and mouth. Will you like that?" He groaned. Her blow-by-blow was also making me throb. In a flash of inspiration, she took multiple photos of my stiff cock. One 3/4 profile with her hand around it, one full profile with my balls prominent, and the last with it on her tongue as she began to swallow me. She sent them all to him. "Enjoy his cock with me, honey." Then her skillful blow job silenced her.

Slurping, popping sounds echoed into the phone and we heard Jim sigh. Disguising my voice some, "Jim, her mouth is full, so I'll speak if . . . if I can. Her sucking has improved a lot, as you may have noticed. I'm in her throat now and she's clenching my cock. She makes me cum quick so I can last in her pussy, though she still wants it fast and hard there. Ohh, ugh, she's starting to hummmm . . ." I grunted and thrust hard several times. "T-t-that was all I needed to fill her belly with fresh cum."

My grunts filled the room and the phone. "Oh, Jim, th-that wasss great. Now she's lapping my cock and squeezing the last of my cum on her hot tongue. Her pretty face says how much she's enjoying my taste."

Louder breathing came from the phone. "It's true, Jim. I love the sweet-tart taste. I won't rinse today so I can savor him all the way home and let you taste him too. I bet you'll like that." Jim's moan filled the room. "Time for the third act before someone catches us."

"In a minute or three, Ali. First, I need to taste you." I laid her on the narrow bench and knelt before her splayed legs then put them on my shoulders. After taking a moment to admire her pretty pussy, I gently kissed her nether lips; opened them and inhaled her intoxicating, sweet, musk, then opened her wet inner lips and lapped up her nectar. As she began to squirm, I slid two fingers inside her and lapped all four lips before swirling around her clit. She lurched and moaned; gasped and pulled my face hard against her soaked pussy. When she thrust deeper onto my fingers, I spread them and filled her velvet box.

Jim's breathing got heavier; I'd forgotten about him. "I'm eating your fiancé's tasty pussy. Can you hear her moans?" Silence. "I'm rotating my fingers up to surround her G-spot and her navel to her chin are turning bright red. When I shift her G, she will cum for me and on my face within seconds. Listen to her groans and grunts." Surrounding her swollen G then walking each finger along it until she was ready made her whimper. The urge to belittle Jim grew too strong. "Here she cums, Jim, listen." Just moving my fingers closer together as I kept up gentle pressure on her G pushed her over. She screamed, convulsed, soaked my face, and shook again as the room echoed her screams and grunts for Jim.

As I lapped her, I kept fingering her lower clit, her crura, to keep her primed then added a third finger. "Did you hear her gasp, Jim? I just wet another finger in her. Can you guess what I'm going to do with it?" Silence.

"Ohhh, Jim! He's pushing it in my ass. No, Dick. I don't like. . . . Oh? Jim, it, oh, feels pretty good . . . his finger is twisting fully in my ass and he's rubbing both holes. Now he's switching fingers; standing; shifting his beautiful, stiff cock against my pussy. It's spreading my lips, but he's still fingering my ass. His cock, -gasp- it's all the way in. Feels so full, so good. Fuck me hard, Dick."

Fast slapping noises filled the air and the phone. "I'm flipping her over now, Jim. Her cute little ass is high in the air so I can fill both her holes at once. I'm shoving my cock in her hard, as she insists, and rolling my thumb into her gaping ass hole. Don't you wish you were here to watch up close?"

A barely audible "Yessss" came from the phone. Another, louder, noise came from the far end of the locker room. Voices, laughing, taunting, came closer.

Ali whispered, "Stop, Dick. No one can see me like this. Ughhh." I couldn't stop. She couldn't either and thrust harder against me as the voices got closer. Our hearts raced as we waited for the strangers to discover us naked in the men's locker room. Ali covered her mouth, but kept fucking me back. A nearby locker opened then slammed and the voices faded until we heard the door bang closed. In chorus, we said, "What a rush!"

Jim began grunting; Ali began whimpering as my cock found her G-spot and rubbed it. Her pussy clenches were too much for me and much too loudly, I cried, "I'm cumming!" She tried to shush me, but shuddered and collapsed as I filled her pussy with fresh cum. "Jim, I'm cumming in your fiancé's hot pussy; flooding her with my cum. Maybe next time I'll fill her ass too." Ali's face twisted into shocked disbelief.

He grunted and shouted, "I'm cumming too. Ali, bring it home to me." That surprised me some. We were both covered in sweat and rinsed quickly in the shower. She was careful not to lose my cum. How was she supposed to get it home? We shared a towel and she came up with an answer.

"Is my makeup still OK?" I nodded and smiled at her priorities. "The women's locker has pads. I'll get two to hold back the flood." She put on her shoes, grabbed her clothes, and proudly model walked out naked, holding her pussy closed. Into the gym she went, daring the dark room to reveal the men who entered earlier. I heard the doors bang and echo — then again when she came back and asked for change for the machine. "Still there, Jim? Would you believe I just went into an open room naked? Dick has made me braver and maybe an exhibitionist. I'll see you in a bit." She hung up and went back out without her clothes. When she came back, she had two pads and asked me to hold her pussy closed until she got them and her hidden panties on. We finally dressed and left.

"Ali, I want details about what you do tonight. Next week, we meet in the women's locker. You were great." Even forgoing a craved kiss, this was an extremely satisfying hook up.

The next time we met, Ali told me Jim had recorded our hookup and replayed it that afternoon. He stared at my dick pix and tried to duplicate our oral and other sex, so he was as hard as she'd ever seen him. She was shocked that he nearly came as soon as he slurped my cum from her — well before she was aroused. Though she enjoyed his enthusiasm, his fucking fell short and she didn't cum. If this was going to be their life, she felt she had to reconsider marrying him though being his 'hot wife' now had greater appeal.

We met and fucked enthusiastically four more times before the end of the Spring quarter. The last time, despite her protestations of PDAs, she insisted on upping the risk of exposure. That was in the echoey gym, on a pull out bleacher. We heard the last of the day classes let out, yet no one caught us.

Then, after just a short break, Summer school started and we upped our risks again.

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