dojang usage policy

dojang usage policy

Can I use dojang music in my videos on YouTube or Twitch? 
Yes, music released on dojang is free to use for independent creators and nonprofits in their UGC (User Generated Content). All we ask is that you credit the Artist and song(s) used in the description of your video or livestream. You may not use our music for discriminatory, distasteful, hateful or extremist projects. dojang may monetize the video using content ID to help our artists earn more.

If you’re looking for a commercial licence for our music (to sync for an advertisement, film or online video used to promote a product or service), please use this form.

Will I get a copyright claim or strike if I use a dojang track in my YouTube video? 
We don't issue strikes. Previously we allowed all videos to be monetised, however since 12 April 2021 you may receive claims from dojang to monetise in order to help our artists earn more.

I received a copyright claim when using your music. 
If you believe you have received a claim you shouldn’t have, this may be a fraudulent claim. Please let us know at copyright[at]

Can I remix a song from dojang?
We are not in the habit of releasing official remixes. However we do encourage bootleg remixes - you can release these yourself on youtube & soundcloud only. If you would like the stems for any song, request them here.