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Disciplina is a blockchain platform for the projects in educational and recruiting spheres. The use of blockchain technology guarantees the transparency of the platform and creates the conditions for maintaining confidentiality and reliability of information added by ecosystem participants.


There are many problems related to the educational niche, including the difficulty of confirmation of the diploma’s qualifications of a specialist, the complicated search for qualified people, the inability to take into account the results of independent study skills and then provide them to a employer, and many-many other problems.

Surely, it’s impossible to solve all these problems overnight, but it is real to simplify the life of educational and recruiting services, to give them an opportunity for combining the data on academic performance, the degree and qualifications of their students in a single reliable ledger, and let the recruiters effectively hire specialists on the posted job vacancies.

Especially if a team of experienced IT developers, blockchain-specialists and educators will be in charge of such platform. Such people are working on the universal blockchain DISCIPLINA. This project intends to make a revolution in the system of education and recruiting.

In future, the developers of this ICO-project intend to collaborate with dozens of teaching projects around the world. The first "pioneer" is the already existing platform TeachMePlease. This platform helps teachers and students to communicate and learn, this project supports more than 20K educational courses. Different categories of the project’s users can take advantage of the different services:

1. Keeping the information about the achievements in electronic form and providing the access to data by means of the project’s website with guarantees of invariability and reliability of this data;

2. Effective search of applicants through certain achievements, spheres of education and specializations.

3. Providing educational institutions with the opportunity to monetize their archive of data on the progress of students;

All personal data (qualifications, academic records, diplomas) posted through the DISCIPLINA platform are in the private sector. Only hashes of these records and financial transactions are publicly available.

The security is provided by the internal protocols of DISCIPLINA blockchain by storing all personal data in the private chains of educational institutions, and the invariability and reliability of the data is achieved by transferring the hashes of these records to the public chain. In order to determine the validity of transactions in a public chain. There is the network of so-called Witnesses who will use a consensus algorithm based on Proof-of-Stake to ensure the speed of cheap transactions.

DSCP tokens will be the only cryptocurrency accepted on the platform. Also, all users will be able to issue personal credit cards for an instant conversion of tokens into fait money. The personal account on the site or mobile application will provide the access to the history of all transactions.

DISCIPLINA provides for energy-efficient PoS-Mining. Its users will receive a reward for participating in the network equable to the number of DSСP tokens on the balance of their wallets.

Among other features of this open-source project:

·       ability to keep a record of a credible learning history;

·       transfer of data on the performance of potential employers with point-by-point search by area of ​​knowledge;

·       support for cross-border payments;

·       possibility of targeted education, when the student has a certain course of classes, successfully passing of which gives him a guarantee to get a job in any organization;

·       integrated system for assessing the quality of education in small schools and by private teachers;

There are the plans to launch DISCIPLINA foundation for the verification in a manual mode the existing educational records and support for the implementation of DISCIPLINA blockchain into new and existing services.

The project’s team has many interesting ideas for the development of an educational platform with transparent terms of payment and training. However, there are many other services like Gilgamesh Platform or Open Source University that are interested in the educational service.  Unlike them, DISCIPLINA offers a working solution based on the existing service TeachMePlease.


The official token of the project is DSCP. Token is divided into smaller parts called “cents” - Logic. During public crowdsdale, these ERC20 standard tokens are issued and later can be exchanged for native tokens after the release of MainNet. Payments with these tokens are planned for the introduction of TeachMePlease during the second quarter of 2018.

In order to take part in the project, you have to sign up on the website of TeachMePlease – click this link.

Now the project holds the second stage of the public crowdsale that started on 27.01.2018 and ends on 27.02.2018. During each stage of crowdsale the new investors will be able to receive the bonuses. The current bonus is 20%, in addition to 5% of referral program’s bonus.

The public crowdsale of this ICO project will start on 27.03.2018 and will last on 09.04.2018. The hard cap is 17K ETH, the soft cap is 3,5K ETH. The price of the token: 1 DSCP = 0.0005 ETH. During the main stage of crowdsale, the first bonuses will start from 10%, then they will gradually decrease.

Investments are accepted in BTC and ETH. All raised funds will be stored on the smart contracts of DISCIPLINA platform. The team makes a lot of efforts to make their tokens listed on the largest cryptoexchanges. Until the end of the crowdsale, investors won’t be able to withdraw or exchange their tokens.

In addition to the crowdsale, that uses 88% from the total volume of DSCP, the team will receive 10% and the last 2% will go to the bounty campaign’s pool.

The project has a referral program that offers 5% bonuses for the active participation. Simultaneously with the public crowdsale the bounty campaign will launch. Its pool equals 2% of the total value of tokens. Bonuses in DSCP tokens are the rewards for the active promotion of the project on social networks and blogs/sites. The value of bonuses depends on the platform, starting from 40%.


Currently there is no a working product, the platform is still under the development. Blockchain is developed along with the partner Serokell team that is also working on Cardano (ADA). The first project, which starts on DISCIPLINA, will be the full-fledged service of TeachMePlease.

The whitepaper is planned for a soon release. The website has links to the presentation and technical document - Yellowpaper. The technical paper contains a lot of tech information, data, analysis and description of protocols used by the team. The team should definitely add one more section or another document  for a business plan, along with simple examples and infographics. The bounty campaign will fix the current issue with the lack of translations. There is also an «one-pager» with the main facts about the project. There is ToS on English and Russian languages with the detailed description of rules and risks for investors.

The project is not very popular on social networks. Facebook page of the project has 159 followers, Twitter – 97, Телеграм - 265. There is an active blog. There is a bounty campaign for the promotion of DISCIPLINA online.


The roadmap of the project is available both on the website and in "one-pager". After the end of public crowdsale, approximately during Q2 2018, the DISCIPLINA team intends to launch the platform in the alpha version with a centralized server, only some investors will be able to test this version. Also during this period, DSCP token will be listed on popular cryptoexchanges and the acceptance of ERC20 tokens DSCP by the platform TeachMePlease. Q4 2018 - educational institutions will be able to monetize their activities. Q1 2019 - the schools will start to join the platforms. The team will continue the development of API for a better integration, along with the apps for HR specialists and private tutors. Q4 2019 – there will be the release of the platform’s test version, and in a few months the full version (MainNet) will be released. The team is also developing TeachMePlease, the first blockchain service working in the educational sphere. In 2018 the working version of the platform will be adapted and localized for the North American market.


According to the website, the team of DISCIPLINA has 33 members, including 2 co-founders, 2 partners and 2 advisors. The website also has the legal contacts and address of the company in Estonia (Narva mnt 7-634, 10117, Kesklinna linnaosa, Tallinn, Estonia). There are LinkedIn links to the personal pages of all team members.

One of the co-founders is Ilya Nikiforov who worked during 14 years as a successful ecommerce/wholesale entrepreneur. One more co-founder is Dmitry Gordovich who is a Russian banker and investor, with more than 15 years of experience. Among the advisors: Georgy Basiladze (the financial expert and CEO of Cryptopay) and Dimitri Filatov (the founder of ICORating).