I pray for crash

the bus I'm in

I beg to smash

the cars,

To finish my metamorfosis to a trash

I woudn't resist it much

If someone comes and beat by knife

Me right to dying heart

But bullet's always better choice

One second and no stupid woes

I want to pass as quick as possibly allowed

at least like sound.

I want burn down all my papers

And start inhaling poisonous vapor

That brings me pleasure for some time,

But it's delayed suicide


Don't want to see what's in my chest

I'm scrolling feed

Distracts from it

I want to tired be

in seconds drop to sleep

In other case I would for hours lay

Observing pictures that made dirty me that day


[2 times super hard]

dirty dirty dirty

like a dirty whore

Like a transexual that's standing near wall

Like fly on a decaying corpse

I'm feeling even worse

Like filthy trash that's laying in a reeking pit

Pathetic flesh my dirtier than all of it

Moiste pit

I am imagining black moiste grave

When there's no one here

Deep blue in jewels sky

Wet air comes from forest - night

Blowes off my worries and fears

I let it go, from eyes are flowing subtle tears

My head is light - don't want to think

I lay in grave, awakenes link

The roots are gently hugging me around

No oxygen, I'm slowly blacking out


No pain, the worlds release my spirit

I see transforming places I belong.

With earth I'm done.

Was disconnected no one knows how feels it

Whole pointless life for me was very long

My biggest fear's reincarnation

Respect Enstein for turning down prolongation

I finally have found endless peace

No pressure, expectations - only peace

No need to drink, to fuck, think

Meet stupid people, take a shit

I will forever calm and pure be in my narrow, moiste pit