deemix - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

deemix - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is deemix?

deemix (all lowercase) is a deezer downloader library. It's the code base from where other applications can be made.
Currently there are 2 deemix libraries:

Does deemix have a GUI?

Yes, deemix-gui is the main GUI application that you can use. It is meant as a replacement for Deezloader Remix, as it has the same functions and even more.

Before deemix-gui there was deemix-pyweb (now named deemix-gui-pyweb). That version still works but it's not updated for now.

Why should I use deemix if Deezloader works fine for me?

Deezloader is a project that has been passed around many developers, so there is a lot of unorganization codewise. Maintaining Deezloader is like trying to make a sand castle stable while it's crashing on itself; It's almost impossible. So I decided to rewrite the project from scratch in a language that I'm more familiar in.
To answer the question, you should use deemix because:

  • It has less bugs than the latest "stable" release of Deezloader
  • It's actively maintained and usually bugs are fixed really fast (due to the new structure)
  • You will receive support for it

How do I install deemix?

deemix has no installer, all releases are a zip file. With some basic knowledge and critical thinking you will be able to extract the zip and make it run.
You can find prebuilts over at the builds website or at the builds telegram channel.

Otherwise, if you prefer to, you can run the docker container or run it from source (lib, app).

If you need the library you can install it from pip, the package name is deemix.

I'm confused, what should I download?

- deemix: just the cli and the library

- deemix-pyweb: the app with a GUI

- deemix-server: just the server part of deemix-pyweb

- server-onefile: like deemix-server, but in one file

- deemix-webui: just the html site, you need pyweb to use it

I keep getting "You do not have permission to open the application “deemix-pyweb”." on macOS!

You can solve it by using:

sudo xattr -rd deemix-pyweb

The website is giving me 404 errors when I try to download the zips.

This is due to cloudflare caching, you need to wait for the cache to rebuild with the new files.

I am a dumb idiot and I can't think critically. Give me free music!

I've made some easy to follow tutorials on how to "install" the prebuits. Here are the links to the videos:

Why are there no 32 bit builds?

I decided to stop supporting 32 bit versions of the app, as it only brings more issues to fix.
You can always try and run the app from source, but any issues from unsupported architectures will be ignored.

My antivirus said that deemix is Malware, are you trying to hack me?

I'm packaging deemix-pyweb with pyinstaller, the most used packager for python apps. Pyinstaller has some issues with antiviruses, as a lot of apps (malicious and non malicious) use it (More info here).
This plus the fact that deemix is not a signed app (for obvius reasons) makes it view it as malware, but it's just a false positive.

Remember that the project is open source and if you don't trust the prebuilts you can still run it from source. Prebuilts are just a comodity for the end user.

I know of site [XYZ] that is distributing deemix, is it safe?

The only domain for deemix that I own is
If the site is not a subdomain of then it's not official.

Currently does not have a landing page as I'm waiting for Pages support on No pressure tho, take your time :)

deemix for Android?

Currently I have no short term plans on making an Android app, mainly because I have no idea on how to make dynamic UIs for android apps. I could use frameworks or other stuff like Flutter, but I would prefer making a native app.

There are tutorials on the web on how to install deemix-pyweb on Android, but I wouldn't recommend it, as deemix-pyweb is designed with the desktop in mind.

If you need an alternative for deemix on Android you can use Freezer

I am a blind person. Can I use deemix with a screen reader?

Currently the app is not optimized for screen readers, but it could work.
If you have any input on the matter you can make suggestions here.

How can we suggest a feature to be added to the app?

You can open an issue or a pull request on the right repo over at

If it's something related to the tagging or downloading, open it in deemix.
If it's something UI related, open it in deemix-webui.
If it's something related to pyweb (for example a new feature), open it in deemix-pyweb.


Keep in mind that the scope of deemix and deemix-pyweb is to be as basic as possible. If you have an idea that doesn't enter in the scope of the app it will be rejected, but you can still use the library to build upon your idea.

Love your work! How can I support you?

You can cotribute with pull requests over at, or donate via PayPal over at


I double click on the app but I don't see anything

Download the server and check for errors in the terminal.

I double click on the app but I only see a white screen

Download the server and check for errors in the terminal.

The app is stuck on "Connecting to local server..."

Make sure you are connected to the internet.
If you've installed it from source make sure that you have the latest version of flask-socketio (version above 5.0.0)
Make sure that your DNS is able to connect to

If nothing was of help download the server and check for errors in the terminal.