deemix - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

deemix - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


About the app

If you want more info about the app read these Q&A

What is deemix?

deemix (all lowercase) is a deezer downloader library. It's the code base from where other applications can be made.
Currently there are 2 deemix libraries:

Does deemix have a GUI?

Yes, deemix-gui is the main GUI application that you can use. It is meant as a replacement for Deezloader Remix, as it has the same functions and even more.

Before deemix-gui there was deemix-pyweb (now named deemix-gui-pyweb). That version still works but it's not updated for now.

All files are available here, you can download deemix-gui from here

Why should I use deemix if Deezloader works fine for me?

Deezloader is a project that has been passed around many developers, so there is a lot of unorganization codewise. Maintaining Deezloader is like trying to make a sand castle stable while it's crashing on itself; It's almost impossible. So I decided to rewrite the project from scratch in a language that I'm more familiar in.
To answer the question, you should use deemix because:

  • It has less bugs than the latest "stable" release of Deezloader
  • It's actively maintained and usually bugs are fixed really fast (due to the new structure)
  • You will receive support for it

Where can i download deemix?

I see a lot of versions and I'm confused, what should I download?

If you are on

  • deemix: just the cli and/or the library
  • deemix-gui: the new app with a GUI
  • deemix-server: just the bundled server part of deemix-gui
  • deemix-pyweb: the old and broken app, you shouldn't download this

If you are still confused, just download the app from

I know of site [XYZ] that is distributing deemix, is it safe?

The only domain for deemix that I own is

If the site is not a subdomain of then it's not official.

deemix for Android?

There is no supported way of running deemix on Android.

Right now you have three options:

  • Use termux and run deemix-server with nodejs (has GUI, not optimized for mobile)
  • Use termux and run deemix-py with python (CLI only)
  • Build the prealpha version of deemix-android using Android Studio (source code here)

DO NOT ask for help with these methods to me, in the group or in the subreddit.

Can deemix download from Spotify?

NO, deemix can only download from Deezer.

You can enable the spotify plugin (or Spotify Features) to convert metadata from Spotify to Deezer and then download the Deezer tracks that the app found.


This section is for tipical errors that you could encounter before during and after installation

The website is giving me 404 errors when I try to download the app

This usually happens when a new update gets pushed. Cloudflare caching needs a bit to rebuild the cache with the new files

You can try to force clear your cache for that page or try with another browser.

The website is giving me Error 1027 when I try to connect

The website is hosted on a free service. When there are too many connections it will go offline.

You'll need to wait until midnight UTC time to connect to the website again.

I keep getting the "You do not have permission to open the application" error on macOS!

You can solve it by opening a terminal and write:

sudo xattr -rd deemix-gui

Then press enter.

I can't login!!!

Follow these steps and check if these work:

1. Make sure you're on the latest version of the app.

2. Make sure email and password work on as well

3. Try deleting the deemix-gui folder

  • Windows: %appdata%\deemix-gui
  • Linux: ~/.config/deemix-gui
  • MacOS: ~/Library/Application Support/deemix-gui

4. Try changing your password and then login again

5. Try logging in with your ARL (Guide on how to get it is inside the app, should be 192 characters long)

6. Download the server and try using that

7. If all that doesn't work send your email, password and ARL to RemixDev on Reddit or Telegram and ask to check if there is a bug in the app

I can't search for anything and I keep getting HTTP Error 400!

You are probably using a public ARL.
To solve the issue stop using public ARLs and get your own account here.

I can only download 128kbps! Why?

Since September 2nd 2021 deemix can only download 128kbps tracks for free accounts. Newer versions of the app let you download in 320kbps if you have a Premium account and FLAC if you have a Hi-Fi account.

This is due to a change that Deezer made that made the old url generation algorithm not working anymore. Right now deemix uses the same method that the website uses, so urls are generate serverside and need an auth token. This means that you can no longer download FLACs or 320 mp3s with a free account.

Also with the new url generation you can only download tracks that are available in your country. Keep in mind that the country for paid accounts is taken from the paying method, you can't use a VPN to make your account from another country.

In newer versions of deemix you can check your account license and your account country in the settings, under your username.

So, you can only download 320 or flac files with paid Deezer accounts. The track you want to download needs to be playable at your desired bitrate on

This is not a bug, it's how the app will works from now on. If you don't want to pay for an account stop using the app.

But I was able to download higher quality for free!

Yes, you were. Now you cannot anymore unless you pay for an account. Just face the facts and don't ask this question anymore.

I am still able to download tracks in 320kbps and FLACs, what are you talking about?

Some tracks are still cached in the CDN that we were using before the switch, most of the new tracks that are uploaded to Deezer are now only available with the new url generation system.

Try downloading this track and look for yourself!

Soon this cache will be deleted and the only way to download songs will be with the new URL generation system that is implemented only in new deemix versions. So if you're still using Deezerload or deemix-pyweb update to the latest version of deemix-gui now.

Newer versions of deemix-gui now have this "feature" disabled to save bandwidth.
You can re-enable this by ticking "Gamble with cache and CDNs" in the settings and you will be able to download old FLAC files that are still in the cache with a free account.

I get an error that says my account can't stream at my desired bitrate

Look at "I can only download 128kbps! Why?"

I get an error that says my account can't stream from my country

Look at "I can only download 128kbps! Why?"

I can't do anything and downloading gives me HTTP error 400

You're probably using a public ARL, to solve this issue use your own account.

Public arls can be accessed into and changed to make it not work with deemix (for example by changing the language setting for the account to something not standard)

If you need a "premium arl" or "hifi arl" you can get them here


How can I check what version I'm running?

You can go in the about page in the app and check the version of the webui, the app itself and the library.

Usually the library version is the one that you need to keep an eye for, the first two numbers are the main version of the lib, the last number is just for hotfixes.
Between the py and js lib the hotfix number could change, but the functionalities are the same.

How can we suggest a feature to be added to the app?

You can open an issue or a pull request on the right repo over at

If it's something related to the tagging or downloading, open it in deemix.
If it's something UI related, open it in deemix-webui.
If it's something related to the gui (for example a new feature), open it in the deemix-gui repo


Keep in mind that the scope of deemix and deemix-gui is to be as basic as possible. If you have an idea that doesn't enter in the scope of the app it will be rejected, but you can still use the library to build upon your idea.

Why are there no 32 bit builds?

I decided to stop supporting 32 bit versions of the app, as it only brings more issues to fix.
You can always try and run the app from source, but any issues from unsupported architectures will be ignored.

Where are the configs stored?

  • Windows: %appdata%\deemix
  • Linux: ~/.config/deemix
  • MacOS: ~/Library/Application Support/deemix

How do I do a clean install?

Uninstall the app if you have it installed, then remove the config folder 'deemix' and the 'deemix-gui' if it is present.
(View the previous question to know where these folders are located)

Then reinstall the app.

Love your work! How can I support you?

You can cotribute with pull requests over at, or donate via PayPal over at

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