Day 1

Day 1


I just started a diary.

Just for fun.

I hope that writing some texts will help me to organize my thoughts, accomplish my goals, improve writing skills and other bullshit.

I will try to write in academic style and write about everything in my life that worth mentioning in this text.

I do not give a fuck that anybody will ever decide to read all this shit, but if you, random reader that somehow found this shit, reached at this point, I'm glad that you spent your time for it. Now, please stop, since it really does not worth anything at this point, since I do not have anything to say that really matters.

Maybe in the future I will write anything that really worth to publish, but not now.

Let's start

Found a good article from a guy that decided to manage his life totally.


his first article (also worth to read):

My thoughts on first article:

He is crazy from a point of view of a regular human with general values

I probably have the same values

If I used my free time as he uses, I will be probably like him

I compare myself to him, is it good? Yes, up until I make him my idol. I must pursue my own goals in a way that I choose. Just take some methods that he wrote and forget. Just forget.

This article made me to act. Now it is 12:56 AM, which is not good. I have to go to sleep and improve my sleep cycle further.

That's it for now, I hope to continue this diary further and then analyze what to write about and what not.