Did you notice, how many times you suggest or propose something to the person you talk to?

It is interesting, that the reasons can vary from suggesting to make a call to inviting someone to dinner😊...

So if you are hoping to get a positive answer, here is the structure in the Russian language, that helps to make a suggestion.

Давай (informal)/Давайте (formal) + verb.

1.Давай поговорим ( о тебе/ обо мне/ с ним/ с ней/ о чем-то).

Let's talk ( about you/ about me/ to her/ to him/ about smth).

2.Давай пойдем ( в кино/ в театр/ в музей/ в парк/ в магазин/ на прогулку).

Let's go ( to the cinema/to the theatre/ to the museum/ to the park/ to the shop/ for a walk).

3. Давай почитаем ( книгу/газету/журнал/обьявление/ статью).

Let's read ( a book/ a newspaper/ a magazine/ the announcement/ an article).

4.Давай посмотрим ( фильм, спектакль, концерт).

Let's watch (a movie/ a perfomance/ a concert).

5.Давай напишем ( ей/ ему/ в университет/ письмо/сообщение).

Let's write ( her/ him/ to the university/ a letter/ a message).

6.Давай потанцуем!

Let's dance!

7.Давай поужинаем/ позавтракаем/ пообедаем ( вместе/ завтра/ в пятницу/ во вторник/ в этом кафе/в ресторане).

Let's have dinner/ breakfast/lunch ( together/ tomorrow/ on Friday/ on Tuesday/ in this cafe/in the restaurant).

8.Давай встретимся ( завтра/в 15.00/ рядом с/ позже/ через час).

Let's meet ( tomorrow/ at 15.00/ next to/ later/ in an hour).

9.Давай пригласим ( Анну/ Александра).

Let's invite (Anna/Alexanxer).

I hope these phrases will bring you the desired relply🙄.