General information:

Nowadays, it is hard for decentralized teams to develop themselves and coordinate their work to reach common goals. Daostack will help us to manage decentralized teams and organizations effectively. So, DAO is like a Windows for crowd intelligence.

Blockchain companies start their life with millions in assets and thousands of community members, but without the capacity to effectively deploy these resources into action. Daostack makes developing decentralized applications easier than ever before, with customizable tools for collective resource management, decision making, budgeting and incentivisation.

Decentralized governance based on smart contracts enables faultless execution of crowd decisions. Crypto incentive design at the individual level empowers frictionless cooperation at the collective level. Effective decision-making is possible with edge decisions guaranteed to be coherent with the will of greater majority.

What is practical usage of DAO?

1.          Decentralized Curation

Decentralized curation networks are emerging: websites, articles and news feeds where the contributors are the owners, editors and users. Daostack is making it easier to collectively rank the quality of objective world subjects, from hotels, restaurants and shops – on the Blockchain.

2.          Decentralized Ownership

In organizations such as decentralized investment funds, insurance networks, and charitable organizations, value is shared between stakeholders. DAOstack offers effective mechanisms for collective decision-making, enabling crowds to co-own and co-manage assets and funds.

3.          Decentralized Collaboration

Modern distributed companies, content networks and open source software projects have thousands of contributors collaborating globally around a shared goal. The DAOstack toolkit enables these individuals, organizations and communities to easily self-organize at any scale while maintaining accountability and agility.

Our grade:

Team and developers:   

Matan Field (Co-founder and CEO) – he has more than 500 connections in LinkedIn. Co-founder and CEO of BackFeed. Founder of La’Zooz – decentralized taxi service, which is accepting cryptocurrency payments, was established in 2014. PhD in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics.

Backfeed – Blockchain pioneer, working since 2015. Has around 50 employees. We also can call BackFeed some kind of prototype of DaoStack, because they have similar idea. There is one strange thing was founded on official BackFeed website – team members are hidden. We suppose, that it were made to avoid gossips around BackFeed, Daostack and Vitalik Buterin, because he was an advisor for BackFeed. BackFeed is frozen since 2016.

But as Daostack team said, Vitalik is not currently advising BackFeed and Daostack, same as other projects, he quit from backfeed in 2016. Anyway, we have to take it as a positive sign, because Vitalik was advising “Dao’s prototype”, that makes it more attractive on the “long-way” run.

Adam Levi (Co-founder and CTO) – he has 302 connections in LinkedIn. Used to serve in Israel military for 3 years as radar engineer. PhD in Theoretical and mathematical Physics. Active GitHub user – 487 contributions in the last year, 32 stars and 11 followers.

Oren Sokolowsky (Lead developer) – he has 359 connections in LinkedIn. Has big work experience. Co-founder and lead developer of La’Zooz, core developer of JAAK [Content Blockchain platform], developers team lead in SparkUp [IOT]. He used to work more than 11 years in VeriFone [E-commerce, over 10.000 employees, revenue - $1.8 billion], there he was development team lead. Active GitHub user – 450 contributions in the last year, 12 followers, bronze medal.

Other team members are middle-level. There are no any other “public” figures or top-experienced developers. But we have to mention, that ALL team members are familiar with Blockchain technology.


No official information available yet. But it’s ok for early stage.

But there are a lot of unofficial information available to public. According that info, DaoStack advisors are: Jordan Greenhall [Backfeed, DivX], Martin Koppelman [Gnosis], Gigi Levy-Weiss [NFX].

Jordan Greenhall – he has more than 500 connections in LinkedIn. He also was advising BackFeed. Co-founder and CEO of NeuroHacker Collective [Crowd intelligence]. Co-founder of DivX [Video technology, well-known company, most by inventing popular video codecs. Owned by Fortress Investment Group with net income over $200 M USD and over 2500 employees.]. Business angel.

Martin Koppelman – he has 447 connections in LinkedIn. Founder of Gnosis.

Gigi Levy-Weiss – well known person. Business angel. Owner and chairman more than 50 companies. Co-owner of Similar Web. Co-founder and CEO of NFX Guild – venture accelerator with huge funding amount. 

Partners and Investors:

As we can see, partnerships list is not that bad (Also, we should not forget about Gigi, who is potential investor).

Gnosis – market driven forecasting technology on Blockchain.

Sapien – decentralized social news platform built for user privacy and customizability.

Menlo – system for sophisticated token sales.

Endor – social physics. You may know more about Endor project in our review.

Partnerships were made according to concept of Daostack. It’s great that partnership list does not consist from just technical partners, as usually projects do.


Information is not available yet. Roadmap is currently in development and will be uploaded on website within few days.

Token economy:

Functions: Utility. For example, promoting proposals and other operations in DaoStack ecosystem.

Total supply: 100.000.000

Price: 0,9 USD – average price, not exact price yet.

Tokens for sale: 40%

Unsold tokens: burned

Bonus: 30% for private sale participants, 10% for presale participants, 0% for main sale participants.

Lockup period: bonus tokens are frozen for 3 months. Unlocking 33% per month.

10% - Future spending, 10% - Current spending, 40% - For sale. 40% - foundation and first DAO development. Also, the question is, where is team and advisors tokens? We have to wait for new budgeting to see it.


In our opinion, main competitor of DaoStack is Aragon. By the way, recently Aragon started to upgrade their ecosystem. That means, that DAO should release their product fast and with high quality to succeed. Aragon capitalization currently over $60M, that means, $60M is minimum level of DaoStack future capitalization. So, we could say, that possible ROI should be around 2.0 in USD.

Launch and prototype:

Daostack team claims, that they will launch main net very soon, almost everything is ready. Net is currently in last stage of testing.

DaoStack has almost working product, you can know more and watch demo here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWm9SzYLq8A


Project has low level of hype. Actually, that is one of its main cons.

Telegram: 5345 members, activity level – low-mid. Respond time – less than 3 minutes.  

Twitter: 2007 followers, last tweet – 12 hours ago.

Facebook/LinkedIn/YouTube/Reddit/Medium: Medium – 430 readers, Reddit – 131 readers, YouTube – 142 subscribers, 10 videos.

GitHub: very active. Last commit – 36 minutes ago.

Bitcointalk: main treads are missing. Mentioned only in partner treads.

Publications: there are not that many publications, mainly reviews. Also, we have to mention, that our colleagues of OhHeyMatty and TheGobOne put DaoStack on the top of their ratings.

Why you should invest?
  1. Promising area
  2. Ready-to-use product
  3. Strong team, advisors and developers
Why you should not invest?
  1. Low hype/marketing level
  2. Missing full token economy

In our opinion, DaoStack looks attractive for investments. Comparing DAO with its main competitor – Aragon, we can make an assumption, that possible capitalization of DaoStack after an ICO will be at least 60M. Comparing pros and cons of the project, long-term and middle term perspective looks interesting. Short-term interest will depend from “crypto influencers”, and will other “table-guys” follow TheGobOne and OhHeyMatty. Anyway, we will find an answer on this question after end of private sale.

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