Right now I'll give you a theme with which you can eliminate the broomsticks who know the original CSGOZONE, and thanks to the topic they will believe more because of screenshots

As I taught before to skip on cszone PATTERN INDEXOM

I threw off such a message:

Can you gimme your PATTERN INDEX?

People usually write the following:

 1. What is this?

 2. What?

What they need to send a similar message

(all items \ knives on on CS: GO have ITEM ID, DEFINDEX, SKIN INDEX, PATTERN INDEX)

Then we throw this: you have 222 or 866 PATTERN ID ?, if u have 866 i pay more

On which the guy which you can scam will write the following:




If you got this crown phrase, 90% that the dolbaeb's dolbyeb and log in, but but with the fact that I now show the logins will be even more.

And so, guy wrote to us something from above

We go to the original "https://www.csgozone.net/check" log in, go to Inventory check

We paste his link on the profile, and we do the following:

You can also change the color of this inscription by clicking on

[PRIVATE, then go to the right window, and under Element style we write the following: Color: Red]

If the victim saw a screenshot, and was not authorized on the fake, then if you are prompted by intuition, throw the victim the following:

go to our fake, click to "INVENTORY CHECK" choose knife and click to "GET PATTERN", copy this 3 numbers and gimme

If the victim is stupid then throw her a direct link to the login (I myself often did this)

  Now I'll explain to you what we did and how to work it

First, we'll figure out what's what:

PATTERN INDEX - This information has all the knives, in our cases we spam fake site CSGOZONE, on the site CSGOZONE people can check all the information about knives, etc., etc.

About 2 months ago I came up with a pretext for a scam under PATTERN INDEX

In our cases, we started people on the site with a request to give us information about its PATTERN INDEX

Now do the following when starting on the site:

We write about PATTERN INDEX, but also we make such a fraud allegedly the site does not show it to us, but shows only to the user himself

Therefore, on the original site, instead of digits, we write [PRIVATE]

Now about the + and - of why this way will go


The person sees the knife, sees all this work on the screenshot associated with the fact that we threw earlier PATTERN, DEFINDEX, SKIN, FLOAT and so on, sees his link to the profile, Nick, avatar, sees that very precious word [PRIVATE], sees a link to the site , but this and the minus and plus, about this later, and he subconsciously begins to believe that all this is not pizdzha and really there is such a thing as PATTERN INDEX, etc., ie before that would be logged we first threw the site, but many people are afraid to click on the links, so we make such a fake screen, fill it with the popular img hosting strange sacrifice and throw him


2. In the screenshot, we insert a link to the site (in some cases, the victim will go to the site herself, ie she will not need to drop the link to the site itself)

3. If the victim knows about the original site of csgozone, then it will burn the whole topic because of [PRIVATE] and the fake link on the screenshot, thereby sending you a fuck, but there is also the reverse side of the coin (this will save you time), because the victim knowing the original of the zone, will not go into the fake


                  Screenshots and Hostings

many people are afraid to go to the links hosting images

Examples: imgur.com/Dsja12 \ prtntscr.com (I do not advise you to never use a screenshot to send screenshots)

That's why I wrote above to look for the most popular hostings of screenshots of the country of the victim, for example: USA and the sex of the world: imgur.com, for the Chinese, of course, Chinese hosting

                                Domain Name

Here in order, that would make a fraud with [PRIVATE], you will need to go to the original site of the zone, so you have to manually change the domain from csgozone.net to csgozone.tools (for example), then immediately minuses:

The victim will see the fake domain (But if she knows it's a fake, you can`t scam she)

SSL is cleared Certificate (Protected) (Secured)

But if you send the victim without a domain, then there will be more problems and generally zaebicchno will, so I recommend to throw it as in the first screenshot with the domain

                            Actions of the victim:

She fucks with all this, sees the screenshots and goes to the fake site, Everything is done, you can lead the victim to put things on the market sites

And so, I explained everything to you, even told the actions of the victim, that's all, and the whole way works 100% better than the csgozone scam mode and there will not be any more