First time when i heard about cryptocurrency was october 2013. There were many news in internet and offline media about bitcoin increased 1000$ and many people started talking about this financial experiment. Since that time i began interested in this technology more and more.

I realised that it is not ordinary experiment, but the begining of new economical reality. The opportunity that blockchain and bitcoin gives can change our life in different ways. This technology can give great advantages in different kinds of human activity.

Because of centralization by regulator like banks, goverments and others, some processes are not under control of ordinary users. But decentralization, strong cryptorgraphy and non-changeable data that gives us blockchain, can make them faster, cheaper and easier as they use to be.

Now this technology grows very fast and borders of it use more and more. For today it is not only the financial instrument, but, for example, smartcontracts that can make some contract relationships between people more safe and easier. Ecosystem grows too, there are many different exchanges, wallets, marketplaces and other instruments that can help people to use this technology. One of the new trend is ICO, that can help new startups to get starting money and make monetization.

I think cryptocurrency will have many problems in future like problems with goverments, laws and different debates about nuances of functionality, but I belive it will have a wonderful future, and i want to be a part of it.