CRM consultant в Teradata

CRM consultant в Teradata

Key areas of responsibility

• Support sales motions, demonstrations, and scoping of Teradata application offers.

• Gather and document client requirements and develop the application solution design.&nbsp#CD#

• Provide the application solution configuration required to order the solution e.g. application software licenses required, application servers required, list pricing, etc.

• Provide best practice guidance and mentoring to clients using the Teradata application.

• Facilitate application test specification and testing.


• In depth understanding of the application business domain (e.g. supply chain, marketing etc).

• Knowledge of Architecture Principles, Advocated Positions, Design Patterns, and Implementation Alternatives.

• Industry experience from one or more supported industries.

• Strong client interaction, communication, and consulting skills.

• Work with the appropriate project management methodology (Agile or Waterfall) based upon customer and project requirements