Nail, [25.04.17 21:35]

Nice) I've got a question about favourite auto download. How does it work?

پشتیبان توربوگرام, [25.04.17 21:37]

So simple, go to dm settings, set a time to turn on wifi, it will be done in background

Nail, [25.04.17 21:38]

I've heard that, but option is located under Tabs section in settings, I thought it is related to favourite chats

Nail, [25.04.17 21:40]

Is there any way for me to have auto downloading of media in favourite chats, like some music channels? And does Turbogram rely on Wi-Fi to download and never uses 4G?

پشتیبان توربوگرام, [25.04.17 21:41]

Fav auto download helps you to auto download media when you are in fav tab

پشتیبان توربوگرام, [25.04.17 21:41]

Dm is different

Nail, [25.04.17 21:41]

[In reply to پشتیبان توربوگرام]

What do you mean "helps"?

Nail, [25.04.17 21:43]

[In reply to پشتیبان توربوگرام]

I understand the logic in DM - I add files from chats via menu, then it starts downloading when start time comes

Nail, [25.04.17 22:21]

Answer please when you can. Thanks 🙂

پشتیبان توربوگرام, [25.04.17 22:47]

Are you talking about this option?

Nail, [25.04.17 22:48]

Yes 😅

پشتیبان توربوگرام, [25.04.17 22:50]

If you enable it, when you go to chats that are favorite(in favorite tab) by scroling the chat page media will start to download

Nail, [25.04.17 22:52]

[In reply to پشتیبان توربوگرام]

Yes, I was expecting the same, but it doesn't happen. This works on Wi-Fi only or mobile data is ok too?

پشتیبان توربوگرام, [25.04.17 22:54]

Yes, dosen't it work?

Nail, [25.04.17 22:55]

[In reply to پشتیبان توربوگرام]

No luck on mobile data, I have not tried Wi-Fi

پشتیبان توربوگرام, [25.04.17 22:55]

I will check it

Nail, [25.04.17 22:57]

Great, thanks! Should I expect answer from you here?

پشتیبان توربوگرام, [25.04.17 22:58]

Of course

Nail, [25.04.17 22:59]

Expecting patiently 😀