Me & Tyler

A: Hi Tyler. It's been a long time since we spoke last time.

T: Yo. Yeah we failed to connect with each other for a while. What's up?

A: Come on! You know what's up. You know everything that happens to me cause you're ME and I'm YOU.

T: Sounds correct. I was meant to ask what's up with your lack of focus? What do you think fucks up your ability to focus on that shitwork, turn off your highly critical brain and start doing? You fuck up because you requestion everything you do for every minute. No fucking one will every get close to executing stuff with that way of thinking. You're being way too critical. You gotta understand that you need to start from somewhere. You're lucky you can be an indie designer which means more freedom. Look at your dad! He works for 10 days every day without rest and does nothing but physical work. You're able to use your brain power to generate money. But I'm not sure you're doing it wisely. You have pretty sexy skills in design, philosophy, psychology, hacking, programming, management, selling and social engineering people. Why do you spend your days sitting in a five-star cafe browsing Mark's shit? Yeah I know it's a myth but in your case you really use only the 10% of your brain.

A: Yeah it's already day four of me sitting in a nerd cafe trying to "work". But I fuck up all the time. I don't know: either part of my personality is introvert and can't work when there are nerds around or I'm just a big fucker who likes to act like he works from cafes and owns a 2017 year fresh notebook.

T: I'm giving you an advice that might be helpful. You're a cosmicist who thinks that compared to the universe people don't matter and are way to small to influence. Apply that thinking when working from cafes. All the idiot nerds don't really matter to me and you. Turn off your brain when doing mechanical jobs. Yeah requestioning what you do is good but you're overdoing it. Slow down. Yeah we know how big you're but you're low on time so you need to change your behavior and get used to the schedule. Remember? You are shapeless, formless, like water. I think the use of adderall and adrafinil might be able to help you too. You've spent about a year in anxiety so ADHD might be a thing for you but don't focus on that. Meet Moony too, and in general I'd advise you to meet someone every day: if you don't speak with anyone then you can just stay at home and save $60/month. By the way, I speak like a fucking educated nerd instead of the real Tyler!

T: Yeah you may imagine your design career as a fucking nerd who kisses someone's balls but there is a better alternative. How about being a filthy rich motherfucker who enjoys money generated from his ventures. He uses drugs and is into the partying life. Buys some government officials and gets away with army: he is finally able to taste the calmness he had in his childhood. He sometimes takes UX jobs is order to generate more money. Inspired from "The Wolf of Wall Street" and "War Dogs".

A: Understood. Now what?

T: I'll give you the schedule for all the results you'll need to show my by April 14th. You'll only be able to talk to me if you do the job. If not then it's over.

Here's what you'll need to achieve, and I don't care how: it's time to showcase the opportunist of you

  • Collect $40 in bitcoin and order 10 pills of adderall
  • Have at least 20.000 AMD to be able to support yourself for the next month, you don't need that HDD and RAMs
  • Understand what you should include in your portfolio
  • Write out the content for portfolio
  • Have portfolio finished and published in the web
  • Ask Austin Knight and r/userexperienc for work
  • Meet at least 3 people

A: Okay, Tyler. If I don't come here by April 14th then you can count me as an asshole who can't get his shit together.

T: Makes a deal, talk to you later. Meawhile, I'll become you.

A: No prob.

A: Now I'm the winner. And coz I'm you and you're me you're the winner too. Go grab that cash.