Telegram for Andriod v4.2.2 (1059) arm-v7a

Android 4.4.2

Optima E7.1 3G TT7071MG

Bug #1 - Sending inline-message to read-only group.

1. Get any inline-message button

2. Choose croup where you have read-only restriction

3. "@botusername"-message is hidden under "The admins of this group have restricted you from writing here" and you cant access it.

4. And here it is in chat list.

5. Via 3-point-button you can acces this menu to choose other recent bots inline-messages

6. Choos any of this bots to get acces to keyboard so you can delete those hidden message.

Bug #2 - Select+copy for message doesnt show timestamp (as it does in Desktop version).

Desktop result:

username, [ HH:nn]

Android result:


Bug #3 - Inline-message menu sometimes doesnt appear.

1. Menu not appeared

2. Same inline-message - menu appeared (probably reason is selected chat - if it wasnt opened recently - menu wont appear)

3. Small bonus - selecting source-bot doesnt show any message in editbox, but shows ghost-message in select-menu (disappears when chat list is opened)

Feature #1 - Option to show\hide "seconds" in messages timestamp.

Feature #2 - Edit-like option for other users messages.

Right now, if you want to copy part of other user message - you have to:

1. click on message;

2. copy it;

3. hold on editbox to enable menu;

4. click on "Paste";

5. other stuff.

Adding Edit-like option will combine three steps (2, 3, 4) in one.

Feature #3 - Clear editbox.

Ok, we copied part of message from Feature #2 (or just misclicked on some message and have it in our editbox), now we have to manually delete every symbol (or select all and delete). Adding "X" button (like with inline-messages in Bug #3) will help.