🔰Computer Ques Asked In IBPS RRB PO Mains Exam 2018 🔰


1. A server computer is connected to? - Network

2. Full form of 'EDI' - Electronic data interchange

3. "," Symbol is used in Ms Excel - for separating cell references in formula

4. Pins in VGA cable - 15

5. In an EBCDIC code how many possible characters are defined - 256

6. What is the use of Firewall? - for preventing unauthorized access

7. Which keys used to perform specific task? - function keys

8. A main page or start page or website - home page

9. Topology where every node is connected to two other nodes - ring topology

10. A reference to data that reader can directly follow by selecting or hovering - hyperlink

11. Attempt to gain unauthorized access to a user's system or information by pretending to be the user - Spoofing

12. What is the last bar in MS Excel window- status bar

13. Portrait + landscape is found in - page layout > orientation

14. Illegal copying and distribution of software - Software piracy

15. A person who uses his expertise for software?

16. CRLT + DELETE -for right side deletion

17. Telephone company give internet services through- Leased line

18. Qs on Switches

19. Qs on Pulldown

20. Which is s used for UNION in EXCEL?

21. To close the current window - Alt+F4

22. Qs on LAN -

23. Qs on Macro virus

24. Which is the Highest reliability topology - Mesh topology

25. Qs on Pop up

26. Qs on a Digital signature

27. Qs on Podcast

28. A term used when you search something on a browser - Http://

29. Use when you write something at the end of the docs?

30. Qs on Browser

31. Qs on Footer

32. Which application is used for a special purpose - Special purpose application software

33. Question on booting system

Note - Memory Based Questions 100% not accurate.

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